The MoFo Personal Pictures Thread


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Loving his hair in the second pic, TUS.

In the first one, is he wearing some kind of cardigan/poncho or something? Whatever the case, I approve wholeheartedly of the laidback, sleepy pose.
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That second picture is tremendous.

Also, I think we own the same lamp.
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Dayum Jackson has great hair, nd he's giving Daddy the bird. Very cool kid. I love evil gingers.

This is my Xanthe. As you see, plenty of attitude. Fun times ahead.
I see this in your future, Sam

She's gorgeous. I love the name, too.

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Welcome to the party, pal!
Having a lazy day!

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Do any girls get offended if a guy calls them beautiful?
I think that depends on the delivery of the line from the guy. If you say it like a distraxted, harried film producer doing screentests, they probably gobble it up. If you look deep into their eyes and say it with a tent pitched out to their pubic area, they'll probably smack you like Moe would with a back hand.