2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season


A trade I made this season still haunts me, me giving up Knowshon Moreno AND Santonio Holmes for...........wait for it.....Dwayne Bowe oh hell what have I done! Even though I have made up the slack since I cant ignore the pure awesomeness Moreno's been. Like waking up screaming from a nightmare is that trade. If I lose to whoever in the playoffs you better believe Im gonna check to see what Moreno got that week. Like a bad memory and a pendulum all rolled into one.

Oof. Walker came out of the game in the 1st quarter with a concussion, and along with Boykin's zero that's looking like it's going to be really, really tough to overcome.

I played MJD over Tate, and while both had good games, Tate scored three times, and that might end up being the difference.

Looks like that epic comeback might fall just short.

Well then. If I knew Eric Decker was going to catch four TD passes I could've just spared myself all the drama this week of wondering how things would turn out. Wowsers.

Whats surprising is they did it against Kansas City again. You'd think the second matchup in two weeks the Chiefs would have made appropriate adjustments.

I had a monster last year in the Jungle, but got beat out by Dionnes Broncos in the final. Riding the hot team seems to be a good formula, but it has to be a dominant high scoring team of course (Patriots, Saints, Broncos).

After a 1-4 start it looks like I am gonna be a playoff team. I don't know if I should be happy about that since it simply looks like an opportunity to get destroyed by Plastic Pads or Jamaales.

Anyway as much venom as I have spewed Rice's way this season I should be equally grateful for the Gordon and Stacey picks. Those are the guys that saved my fantasy season for sure.

I was going to say Welker or Decker (or both) were due - but did not want to curse it by stating it. Yeah I am superstitious a bit.
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Well, that "due" thing is part of the problem with having two wide receivers on the same team (especially on a team where the third is a borderline elite receiver, too). The natural state of affairs is that one of them is going to lose out most of the time. You achieve a floor (usually) on your points, but there's usually a ceiling, too. This isn't unlucky, it's the natural consequence of constructing a roster this way. But of course, when you have both ends of a TD hookup, and it comes through four times, none of it matters. Good game.

Anyhoo, I'm not gonna lie, it's a disappointing outcome. But I should be reasonably happy, because I started 0-4 and lost three star players (including two first-rounders) after that start, and still nearly managed to sneak into the playoffs. It was a duct-tape-and-bailing-wire kind of thing, and it almost worked. If even one of those three stars goes down even one week (or sometimes quarter!) later than they did...well, you know the deal.

Congrats to the playoff teams, which should be solidified tonight. We've got a clear top tier of two teams, but anything can happen in the playoffs. They've both definitely earned their Bye weeks, though.

I'll try to make a point to preview the matchups later this week, as well as go through some of the marks set this year.

Even though it doesnt matter, I need 22.21 from Brees & Thomas tonight to beat Dex. Against Seattle With me and Justins Bye week next week, Ill be comparing our scores. I am sooo hoping to win it this season. Ive been grinding unsuccessfully like a madman for so many seasons...........can see the golden ring. Reeeeaching!

We need a name for that thing where you take a guy specifically because he's reliable or durable and then he gets hurt.

This was a bad year for fantasy players who thrive on cautious, fundamental team building.

And another swing and a miss on on C.J. Spiller to boot.
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Just read on Twitter that Roethlisberger has a 38-0 TD-to-INT ratio in the red zone over the past two seasons. Dang. I had no idea. And he doesn't even have good RZ targets--all his primary receivers have been of below-average height.

The more I look at these numbers the more it looks like the Steelers are wasting his best seasons, but it hasn't been obvious because the team as a whole's been mediocre lately.

Impressive. I remember those two seasons when Josh Freeeman looked like the next big thing, and he was always being compared to Ben Rothlesberger. The tools are alike, but the difference is in between the ears.

Im hoping Lovie Smith still has some fire left in him. Extremely glad the Bucs are going back to their defense-first mentality! Excited to see what will come with low expectations. This aint Pittsburgh