MoFo Fantasy Football 2013 - Draft Time and Settings


Yeah, and that kinda thing is what seems to vary from league to league most. I think the league is attentive enough that a full day after acceptance should be enough for people to review and vote accordingly if need be.

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Fine with the 1-day trade period here, as well.
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Well my little Mofos, how the hell are you? I am so super stoked for guessed it - FOOOOOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!
If I win can I please have a stiletto trophy ???? LOLOLOL!!!! I must say I have missed ya'll

Okay, so, we have a last-minute drop out (Adam). I've been sending some messages around to try to find a last-second replacement. If any MoFos reading this are still interested, you have until tonight (or early tomorrow morning) at the latest to throw your hat in.

Ditto for anyone already in the league who has a friend who wants in and who they can vouch for as being a) dedicated to running a good team and b) reasonably experienced, so as to keep the competitiveness high.

Please reply ASAP either way. This could be gone quickly.

By the by, I'm going to try to get another, more casual league going so I can still play with Adam (it'd be a bummer if we weren't in any of the same leagues), so if anyone's looking for one more to play in (probably 10-12 at the most), let me know via post comment or PM or whatever, we might need people.