Characters in movie that talks very rarely


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What's annoying about it, Matt?
Do you mean the movie is too annoying or Alan Arkin is too annoying?

I could see "too sad to watch" maybe, as it is a real downer of a movie.
Alan Arkin. I've tried to watch the movie a few times - couldn't get into it.

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The truth is in here
I don't think John Belushi says ten words in National Lampoon's Animal House
And he's still quite possibly the funniest actor in the movie. Wonderful talent.

Animal House is one of my favorite comedies, but strangely, John Belushi has never done much for me.

Heart Is A Lonely Hunter was such a disappointment for me, being that it is likely my favorite novel of all time. Sad face. It just seemed liked such a tv adaptation of all of the sadness in the book.

Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker.
Sorry, couldn't resist.