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And Cotton almost seems to take her offer -- but Cotton has a better idea.

He entices Sidney again with the Diane Sawyer interview which she didn't want to do before.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Sidney found her way out of this.

By accepting to embrace the media -- and the world. The thing Hallie was trying to get her to do at the sorority party. Be a part of the world.

Cotton fires his gun.

Mrs. Loomis is dead.

The bullet to the forehead will come in a minute. Sidney will provide it herself.
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Sidney takes the gun from Cotton. He tells her he would never do anything to hurt her.

Gale is alive. They pull her up on stage. The bullet just bounced off her rib.

They all look at Mrs. Loomis' dead body. Gale takes a gun.

GALE: "Is she dead?"

SIDNEY: "I don't know. They always come back."

Sidney and Gale use their guns and shoot Mickey dead.

Then Sidney turns and fires a bullet into Mrs. Loomis' forehead.


The next day. Broad daylight. The police. Ambulances.

Joel returns to be with Gale. As her cameraman.

When Gale gets the surprise of her life --


Gale hops in an ambulance with Dewey to be with him. And that is the last we see of her in this movie.

Reporters chase after Sidney. She is called a hero. She tells them to talk to Cotton. He's the hero -- and he is.

Reporters speak with Cotton.

Sidney walks off on the college campus. COMPLETELY ALONE.

Randy, Derek, Hallie, Mickey = her friends in this movie = ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD.

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