Best Bond Girl Ever...?


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I feel like picking Eva Green as well or Diana Rigg, but they are such cliched choices, since so many pick them. Do Electra King and Xenia Onatopp count as Bond girls, are should they be put on the top Bond villains list?
You're right, that is a problem with Elektra King – who is my favourite. But I'm very torn between her and Camille Montes.

It's hard to say if Electra King and Xenia Onatopp are Bond girls are villains, what do you think?

If we are only choosing ones that are Bond's love interests, and not villains, than I would have to go with either Vesper Lynd, or Tracy de Vicenzo.

The question impacts on me because Sophie Marceau's my favourite. She starts out as a Bond girl at any rate .
You have very good taste in women, See

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One of these days I'm going to marathon these movies. I've seen a few here and there, but I know for sure not all of them and not all from beginning to end.
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Plus do I vote more by sexiness or character depth? I feel Vesper Lynd may be the best for character, but Xenia Onatopp is the sexiest, but how do you vote really...

I would say the best bond girl in my opinion is Agent X from The Spy who Loved Me. I just find her so interesting as a character and I like the fact there is more to her than beauty itself.

Character wise I think its either Vespa Lynd or Madeleine Swann, whilst overall Spectre was rather uneven I felt the latter was an obvious highpoint along with the scene with her father.

Hellloooo Cindy - Scary Movie (2000)
I like the Greek goddess that is Carole Bouquet in For your eyes only. I believe she’s French not Greek but she plays a sexy Greek with long legs that don’t quit.

As a side peice I’d love me a bit of Denise Richards.

I would say famke janssen from goldeneye, for the looks and for cheer villainesque , however for the good ones i would have to say carole bouquet from for your eyes only, for her looks and her relation to the plot as the main one

I like the Melina Havelock character, and how she is more relevant to the plot than usual, and want to like her, but Carole Bouquet did bad job acting wise, and seemed burned out, like she didn't really want to on the set, in her performance, unless I'm wrong?

But in the case of going for pure sexiness as the top reason to pick, I find Monica Belucci to be the sexiest, but she is only on screen for about 10 minutes so is it fair to rate her as the best Bond girl,if she only gets 10 minutes of screen time?

For me, Solitaire was perfect. But apart from her I really love Pam Bouvier. She was cute and goofy. The kind of girl you fall in love with and then marry.

Grace Jones was good – I still want to hear Roger Moore's commentary for A View to a Kill to find out more about his thoughts on her and Christopher Walken.

Grace Jones was good – I still want to hear Roger Moore's commentary for A View to a Kill to find out more about his thoughts on her and Christopher Walken.
I think all the Bond girls are beautiful. Grace Jones is edgy. Kind of a scary beauty.

Did anyone think it was weird how they had Marlohe's Bond girl smoke? You never see that anymore, and they haven't had it since Goldeneye, so I thought it was a weird choice for a modern Bond girl.