"Creed" What are they saying?


Hi, I watched "CREED" and couldn't make out some phrases from 01:01:00 to 01:04:00. The first expression I might have understood in this interval: "Hey..I made something for you". Also, this line is the first in this interval. Then until "I am looking you up", I am continuing being baffled, because I do not hear clearly what Donnie says, answering Unc's question.
Help me please....

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
In the ring
Adonis- "We got one, Rock. That's because of you."
Rocky- "Come on in."
Bianca- "You didn't say you had hands like that." x2
A- "I'm square though. I'm square. What are we doing after this?"
R- "Just go for it."
In home
B- "I made something for you."
A- "I'm listening." Then kissing.
B- "What about your uncle?"
A- "He's asleep.He's old man"
R- "There he is."
A- "What's up, unc?"
R- "How are you feeling."
A- "Good. A little sore, but I'm all right."
R- "Want some toast?"
A- "OK. You cookin' or you watchin'?"
B- "I'm lookin' you up."
A- "You doin' what?"
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In the ring
A- "I'm listening." Then kissing.
Thank you a bunch!! But this line sounds for me like: "Come, listen with me"...Am I deaf? lol

i really want to see this picture in cinema. But no release till now in uk

Many people said (the Apostles Creed), but they understood what it was saying and what they meant by that quite differently. No matter how hard they tried, they could not close out this perennial debate. They cannot establish a consensus and they could not agree on the meaning of that phrase which had been once "delivered to the saints." It did not occur to these people that the task they were trying to accomplish was not a human possibility, that the mystery of God, including the God they believed they had met in Jesus, could not be reduced to human words and human concepts or captured inside human creeds. Nor did they understand that the tighter and more specific their words became, the less they would achieve the task of unifying the church. All creeds have ever done is to define those who are outside, who were not true believers; and thus their primarily achievement has been to set up eternal conflict between the "ins" and the "outs," a conflict that has repeatedly degenerated into the darkest sort of Christian behavior, including imperialism, torture, persecution, death and war.[17]