13 Reasons Why


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13 Reasons Why

Anyone watching this Netflix show? It's based on a book and I'm 5 episodes in.

Hanna commits suicide and leaves behind 13 audio cassettes detailing why she did it. Each tape is dedicated to one person who wronged her. Kids receive a package with these tapes and a map, they must listen to them, go to the locations and pass the tapes on to the next person.

We follow Clay Jensen, who had a thing for Hanna, but never followed through with it. He listens to the tapes and tries to investigate further, which creates problems for the other kids listen on them.

A high school teenage drama with real world issues and it doesn't sugar coat anything. The show seems relatable, even if it does throw A LOT of bad drama at her.
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I saw this mentioned on my other forum (not film related but in OT) but it looks a bit too intense for me with the teen suicide element.

I watch every episode and I though it was an amazing experience for me... I remember my high school days it was actually totally the opposite from the series tho but I know these kind of things happens nowadays. Young cast is pretty good and I cry at some point in.

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This show was really difficult for me to watch because I've gone through a lot of the same stuff as Hannah, just not as bad as what she went through. I've almost killed myself before too, so it was really relatable when (SPOILER ALERT) Clay was at the cliff about to jump. I've wanted to call people out before when they've hurt me so much but at the same time I don't want to hurt their feelings. I think Hannah caused more damage than was intended because no one else seemed to care except for Alex, Justin, Clay, and Zach. Sure, the others felt guilty, but most of them were willing to hide behind the lies anyways, especially Courtney, who wanted to keep her reputation. This drove Alex to (SPOILER) commit suicide to, or at least try. We'll find out next season, if there is one.

After I binged this show it haunted me for two weeks.
It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting...

My gf read and loved the book then she watched the first two episodes of this and hated it. She admitted she would have probably liked it if she hadn't read the book first though.

I've got no interest in seeing it.

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Finished on the weekend.

Wow, it gets pretty dark and depressing in the last few episodes and has ignited a hot debate about suicide, bullying, rape, underage drinking and drugs among other things that kids are dealing with these days.

I'm still thinking about this show a few days after the fact, which is rare for me. I don't believe this show glorifies suicide, which it has been criticized of doing. It showcases the heartache and utter confusion that people are left with after someone leaves this world. Look at her parents, completely devastated that their child decided that she had no other option than to kill herself. Every scene with them made me uncomfortably sad. They are suing the school, not to receive financial gain from the death of their daughter, but to make the school responsible for ignoring the signs. Hoping that the next kid doesn't have to go through the same issues.

The show does an excellent job of switching my view points on certain characters. At first, I hated Justin, the boyfriend, who is on Tape #1. But the show does such an excellent job of making me have sympathy for him by the end of the show. What he did was wrong, by not doing anything. Despite the cast being older than the characters they are playing, I felt that the series nailed teenage drama, social chatter and demeanor. The show felt real and I was connected to Hannah Baker all throughout. Hoping that maybe there was some slim chance she was still alive and that she faked the whole thing. No, that would detract from the issues and message this show is trying to tell. She is dead and the last episode, which depicts the suicide scene is hard to watch. The scene that comes right after might even be harder, when her parents find her dead body.

The show moves between the past and present. Warm colour tones used for when she was alive in Clay's (main character) world, and blue cold tones for when she is gone. The show seamlessly flows between the two timelines and uses clever ways to help the viewer distinguish which timeline they are in.

The show left me with so many unanswered questions and cliffhangers. There is only the one book, but there looks to be another season on the horizon due to the popularity. Some people question this, but there are so many story threads left open for the show to continue on, that I wouldn't mind it. Teenage bullying is a serious issue, 13 Reasons Why looks at it head on. The subject matter is easy or pretty, but if we ignore it, or sugar coat the entire thing, messages won't be received. I've read online how many people have felt like Hannah, or Clay, or any other character on this show. People don't want to talk about rape or suicide with teenagers because it's a touchy subject, 13 Reasons Why is bringing these issues to the front page and getting people talking. It's about time.

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There's gonna be a second season. Selena Gomez posted it on her Instagram. Do you guys think it'll ruin the show/take away from it, or tie up loose ends?

Thanks for the recommendation. Just put the show in my Netflix streaming list.

Wanted to like it so bad, but bailed out halfway through second episode. Did not like it at all. Better for a young adult audience, IMO.

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I remember watching about 4 or 5 episodes of this show, and it was laughably bad. But that is to be expected, especially considering the age demographic that the series is reaching for.
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