How many films have you watched so far this year?


I'd guess somewhere between 300-400, roughly in the middle, after a quick glance at my Letterboxd.

350 first time watches so far. I donít log rewatches but that would probably add an additional 100 or so. Maybe more.

I usually only log watches on my Letterboxd for movies that I also bother to write reviews for, and I don't always have that so I don't log everything, but if I had to guess, I'm sure it isn't any more than one movie per week, and it's probably less than that if I'm being honest (and that's counting first time and re-watches). I mean, I used to watch things a lot more often when I was a teen, but I like to roll my watches around in my head a while these days before I watch the next thing, and trying to do a movie a day (or even anything close to that) would make the experience feel more everyday (literally), and by extension, less of a special occasion to me, which is something I very much would like to avoid.

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You guys have remarkable numbers....mine have dropped off this here. I haven't kept track but I'd be surprised if it was more than 20. New cinema has been relatively boring (The Harder They Fall is entertaining at least) but I did watch some older stuff and re-watched Seven and LOTR trilogy. I'm usually a Marvel fan but their output this year has been plain bad.
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Haven't counted that

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Around 85 live action + 20 anime movies.

Same, I'm also watching the Anime series and movies!

Last year on Nov. 27 I had 1,000 movies on my chart. Now I have almost 1600. That only counts for the movies I hadn't already seen.

According to my Seen Log, about 80. I think some of those were films I realized I hadn't marked (but had seen before), but that's probably balanced by ones I haven't remembered to log.