What's going to win Best Picture?


I think Gravity and 12 Years a Slave will be strong contenders for the Oscar Best picture, but I think American Hustle will defintiely win. I think it'll also get Best Director, Screenplay, and Supporting Actress for Lawrence - she's wonderful in it, and probably a couple more too, maybe Make-up and Hairstyling, or Art Direction. I feel sorry for poor Amy Adams - she's a great actress and will probably get nominated, but every time she gets nominated for an Oscar there's always someone just a little better in the category! (Cate Blanchett this year) Will she ever win!

I myself didn't see probably any of the movies that will be contending in the Oscars except maybe frozen which will probably be nominated for best Original Song and best animated picture. It'll probably win best original song, but The Wind Rises came out in Japan in 2013 so I don't think it'll take best animated movie since Hollywood likes to give awards to dead or retiring directors and actors. Sorry to open up the subject like that but really, I think when you talk about one Oscar, you need to talk about them all.

I haven't seen Gravity. 12 Years A Slave is Oscar bait for sure. I liked it but I wasn't blown away by it. Same for American Hustle. ATM I'd like to see The Wolf of Wall Street take it, though I know it won't. And I've yet to see Her, but if it's as good as the previews and reviews I've seen make it seem, I may be backing it instead.

As usual I have to wait until January/February to see most of the contenders, but 12 Years a Slave seems like a runaway winner right now.
That's another thing to, we don't even know what's going to go for best anything right now. Speculation is fun, but I like to pull my punches until I know where to aim.

12 Years A Slave is amazing, definitely has a good chance of winning. Although, I haven't seen Her yet, and that could make me think twice.
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Which movie will win? Just point at the movie that is closest to the ideal of 1940's Hollywood. Interestingly, PMMM 3 was nominated for best animated feature.

Finished here. It's been fun.
I hope Sandra Bullock wins for Gravity. Unlikely though. The academy never give Oscars for performances in sci-fi films.
I don't really consider Gravity a Sci-Fi film. It's more of a survival thriller in space. I just hope Bullock gets a nomination, not sure if she will win though.

As for what I think will win Best picture, I'm honestly not sure. This year started off very shaky but there have been numerous great films coming out in the last few months. I still need to see WOWS,Inside Llewyn Davis,Her,12 Years a slave,etc. But I hope Gravity,American Hustle,Mud,and Place Beyond the Pines do good!

We've gone on holiday by mistake
Are the nominations announced yet?

From what I hear it's 12 years vs Gravity.

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^The nominees will be announced on January 10th. 12 Years will probably win Best Picture but Gravity will probably get a nomination at least.
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How come nobody has mentioned American Hustle? Has a really good chance I reckon, although 12 Years a Slave deals with America, social stuff etc.

The might give it to Scorsese again, and if the film is as great as it sounds, it would be great, but it seems a little too controversial/insane for the Academy.

This year has bunch of Oscar-type movies.I've yet to see them all but American Hustle,Gravity,12 Years a Slave,Rush - all are the kind of movies that collect Oscar statues. Wolf of Wall Street won't win probably,Gunslinger said it's too sexy
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On a kind of related note I think we'll see a Picture/Director split once again, with Cuaron getting director. I'm still thinking American Hustle because the academy liked Silver Linings Playbook last year, although it did have the bonus of Weinstein backing, also O. Russell won a screenplay award last year didn't he? So I wouldn't be surprised if he got a Screenplay/Picture double this year instead of director, then I think maybe Wolf will pick up adapted Screenplay.

All this and I haven't even mentioned the Coens, who I kind of forgot about actually The Academy seem to like them too, although there film hasn't had much buzz unfortunately, you never know though.

And American Hustle has quite a bit in common, at least surface wise as well as thematically, with last year's winner Argo. Which may actually turn out to be a hindrance. But I love that flick, and I was absolutely nuts about Silver Linings Playbook. Hustle will definitely be nominated.

If it comes down to a sort of default three-way race between Gravity, 12 Years A Slave, and American Hustle, I'll be happy, no matter which one actually wins.

Her is fantastic, it will likely be nominated with the more-than-five-nominees category...but has next to no chance of winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

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Her is fantastic, will likely be nominated with the more-than-five category...but has next to no chance of winning the Oscar for Best Picture.
Could have a good chance of winning original screenplay though, if O. Russell doesn't get it, Bob Nelson could be in with a shout for Nebraska as well apparently, although I haven't seen either that or Her yet.