Jonathan Glazer new film


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This is excellent news. Glazer hasn't put a foot wrong so far. Under the Skin, Birth and Sexy Beast are all very good so I'm excited he's back directing with A24 again..

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There was an interview last year were Glazer talked about it quite a bit, about the focus on the location itself in Auschwitz moreso than any characters and Kubrick's point that films like Schindler's List were trying to create some kind of heroic success story out of the holocaust. I'm guessing it won't be for the faint of heart though given that he turned a sci fi monster horror into existential dread as well as anyone since Lynch IMHO.

I do think Glazers great success though has been that he's transcended what you might have expected of him as a film maker from his music vids/adverts and to some degree sexy beast(although that showed definite signs). As good looking as his films are he's not just a style merchant but has managed to bend it to very intense human drama. He's almost ended up the anti Kurbick for me, obviously takes a lot of influence from him but whilst Kubrick focused on very masculine stories and highlighted emotional detachment Glazer in Birth and Under The Skin has gone with very feminine stories and gone for extreme emotional rawness.