What Countries Makes The Funniest Movies?


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UK, US, and maybe Denmark for the Klovn movies. It seems that most foreign countries don't make that many comedies compared to the US and UK, unless for some reason, we keep getting the foreign films that are dramas and thrillers only, cause western audiences are not as interested in foreign comedies compared to other genres perhaps?

Guy Ritchie from UK destroys the competition, never saw anything that made me laugh as much.
Oh, yes, yeah, yeah, I saw, Borat, that's also a British actor, Sacha Baron Cohen.

UK comedy has always tended to be much more focused on TV, you get the odd successful graduation to the big screen like the Pythons but often as not it ends up with something blander and less successful.

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That's the #1 genre I favor my own country in so I vote the U.S. Especially with movies that I need subtitles for, maybe humor can get lost in translation.

The USA for pure variety.

I'd also say that most of the funny movies were made before 1980, with a few exceptions, such as "Buffalo '66".
Mainstream US comedy has I'd say been stuck in a fratboy rut for over 20 years, the likes of Marvel are probably as close as you'll get to decent witty comedy there these days.

On the arthouse side though I do think black comedy has been quite strong in recent years, most obviously Yorgos Lanthimos's work although I'm not sure what he would qualify as? Greek? British? the McDonagh brothers have been pretty consistent as well.

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"La Strada" is a funny (and tragic) movie. And I'm not Italian.

I still crack up over Gelsomina learning how to introduce Zampano.. From "Here he is.. Zampano!" to the underwhelming "Zampano is here" (I just laughed out loud, which I don't do very often)

Especially the northerners. They have a great sense of humour and by far the best insults.

Also the spectrum is so wide. From cerebral comedy like Yes Minister, Blackadder, to satire like Python movies, to slapstick like Beans to cheap college humour like Inbetweeners and everything in between like Coupling, Guy Ritchie movies, IT crowd, etc - I could go on and on.

UK also has by far the best talk show in the Graham Norton show.