Movies & TV Shows You've NEVER Seen


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yeah Karl Urban is great as McCoy, JJ Abrams actually got me into Star Trek,. didn't like Star Trek at all before the reboots.

If you're familiar with the original "Star Trek", you would appreciate Karl Urban's performance even more. He's the only one in the movie who really makes you feel like you're watching the original cast when they were younger. He got all of De Kelley's mannerisms perfect.

Since a lot of people, especially movie buffs, have made it a point to see the winners of Best Picture, here is my list for...
Academy Awards Best Pictures (1927/1928 - Present) that I've NEVER Seen (* represents picture I have seen)...

(1st) Wings - 1927/28, (2nd) The Broadway Melody - 28/29, (3rd) All Quiet on the Western Front - 29/30, (4th) Cimarron - 30/31, (5th) Grand Hotel - 31/32, (6th) Cavalcade - 32/33, (7th)*, (8th)*, (9th) The Great Ziegfeld - 36, (10th) The Life of Emile Zola - 37

(13th) Rebecca - 40, (14th) How Greew Was My Valley - 41, (15th) Mrs. Miniver - 42, (16th)*, (17th) Going My Way - 44, (18th)*, (19th) The Best Years of Our Lives - 46, (20th) Gentlemen's Agreement - 47, (21st) Hamlet - 48, (22nd) All the King's Men - 49

(23rd) All About Eve - 50, (24th) An American in Paris - 51, (25th) The Greatest Show On Earth - 52, (26th) From Here to Eternity - 53, (27th) On the Waterfront - 54, (28th)*, (29th) Around the World in 80 Days - 56, (30th)*, (31st) Gigi - 58, (32nd)*

(33rd) The Apartment - 60, (34th)*, (35th) Lawrence of Arabia - 62, (36th) Tom Jones - 63, (37th)*, (38th)*, (39th) A Man for All Seasons - 66, (40th)*, (41st)*, (42nd) Midnight Cowboy - 69

(43rd)*, (44th) The French Connection - 71, (45th)*, (46th)*, (47th)*, (48th)*, (49th)*, (50th)*, (51st)*, (52nd)*,

(53rd) Ordinary People - 80, (54th)*, (55th) Ghandi - 82, (56th)*, (57th)*, (58th) Out of Africa - 85, (59th)*, (60th)*, (61st)*, (62nd) Driving Miss Daisy - 89

(63rd -77th)*

(74th)*, (75th)*, (76th)*, (77th)*, (78th) Crash - 05, (79th)*, (80th)*, (81st) Slumdog Millionaire - 08, (82nd)*,

(83rd)*, (84th) The Artist - 11, (85th) Argo - 12, (86th)*, (87th)*

For the longest time, I never saw Casablanca.

I have seen it and it's a good movie, but I never got the feeling, as with some films, that I really want to see it again (maybe someday).
After hearing about it my whole life, I guess I was expecting to be blown away.
Part of the problem is I felt like I'd already seen all the best parts & heard all the memorable lines from clips, spoofs & impersonations - so, although I'd never seen it, the film held no surprises for me and I already pretty much knew how it would end.
I've never seen Casablanca either

I am sure there are quite a few shows I haven't seen, but for sure I heaven't seen Breaking Bad or Fear the Walking Dead but I plan to watch that later today. There are also maybe a few new shows this season I haven't seen.

Anything comedy or sit com i tend to give it a miss. I have tried to avoid three and a half men, never watched a full episode although its always on here I turn over.

Never seen Casablanca or The Sound of Music.
I hear a lot of people raving about Sons of Anarchy but haven't seen that either,

There are loads of these TV series things I haven't seen.

Too many disappointments with series thingys.

Haven't seen Gone with the Wind.

I haven't seen The twilight zone (movie & tv series), Sons of anarchy, Band of Brothers, Doctor Who, Game of thrones (after season 3), The walking dead (after first season), Dexter last season, and Sherlock season 3. Maybe someday...

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
I watched the first season of Breaking Bad, not my thing. I never watched Sopranos though.

There's so many movies I should have seen by now and I didn't...

The Exorcist
Saving Private Ryan
The Thing
Cinema Paradiso
Lost in Translation

etc, etc...

Precious tritium is what makes this project go.
Somehow (even though I own the steelbook), I have never seen...
Oxfords not brogues.

I've never seen Back to the Future II or III.
So the news about the actual date arriving in reality, which is the "future" destination in BTTF II, is new news to me.

P.S. They were talking about it on the "Coast to Coast" radio show last night!

Wanted to bump this as the "bookend" to the thread about "Most Watched" movies:

Still have never seen: (taken from lists of the top rewatched movies...)
North by Northwest
Mulholland Drive
Pretty Woman
Dirty Dancing
Anchor Man
The Notebook
Pride & Prejudice
Love Actually
Harry Potter
(many years ago the first one was on at a relative's house while I was there - it was on for their kid. And one of the sequels was playing on a bus on the way to a ball game, but I've never really sat down and watched one of the many movies in its entirety.)

I've also never seen any of the sequels from:
Back to the Future,
The Matrix,
Toy Story,
Men in Black,
The Bourne Identity,
Star Trek (reboot),
James Bond (of all the movies can't really say which ones I haven't seen - probably seen bits & pieces of all of them),
Nor any of The Hobbit Trilogy

Several posts above is a rather awkward looking list of Best Picture Academy Award Winners that I hadn't seen.

Apparently, without really meaning to, I made a bit of a dent in that list over the past year because I saw:
(14th) How Green Was My Valley (1941)
(26th) From Here to Eternity (1953)
(33rd) The Apartment (1960)
(35th) Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
(53rd) Ordinary People (1980)

Breaking Bad, Mad Men (yet I've seen every Walking Dead which is on the same network as those two... go figure).
I also have never seen a Fast and Furious movie.
Don't think I've ever seen American Pie or its sequels either (although I've seen parts).

When I was young my dad usually had some cop shows on...
Here are some cop shows from my youth that were often on, but that I never watched a single episode of:
The Untouchables (loved the movie though!)
Barnaby Jones
Hawaii Five-O
Streets of SanFrancisco
The Blue Knight
Police Woman
McMillan & Wife
Hart to Hart
Starsky & Hutch
Dukes of Hazard (not exactly a cop show)
Emergency (I remember in grade school you were really "cool" if you watched this show... I wasn't "cool")
BJ and the Bear
Sheriff Lobo
Murder She Wrote
Miami Vice
TJ Hooker
(man, this list could go on & on!)

I would watch Columbo with my dad once in a while.
In college the only cop show I liked was Hill St. Blues.
I've never seen Breaking Bad and there are people I know who think I'm some kind of alien for not watching it. I've seen a few episodes of Mad Men but it never became appointment television for me.

I didn't see any of the Godfather movies until long after I was an adult (and I remember them being on TV when I was young and having no interest in them).

I've never seen Gone With the Wind... what I mean is I've never sat through the whole thing. I've seen bits & pieces here & there and I know many of the famous lines, but have never just sat down and watched it.
I know that George Reeves was in it because there's a section on him in one of my history books on Superman that even shows a picture of him on the set wearing his 1860's garb1
I understand not having seen Gone with the Wind, but I highly recommend watching it, even if you have to do it in pieces...have you thought about watching an hour a night?

All this time listing these films could've been spent better watching one of them.

Mad Men is the best TV show since The Sopranos without a doubt for me at least. I re watched the penultimate episode the other day and it was the first time i had actually cried at any form of media for along time; just perfection.

What do you think of all of them Captain? I have massive gaps in Best Picture Winners seen but i have seen all five of them..

How Green Was My Valley
(1941) - I really really liked this movie. It was also a kick seeing Roddy McDowall star as a child!

From Here to Eternity (1953) - watched this with my parents (it was on TCM) so I didn't get the full effect. It's a war movie that's a bit soap-opera-y.

The Apartment (1960) - I had some problems with this movie's mix of comedy and pathos. It goes from feeling like "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" to a dark drama about trysts, infidelity and attempted suicide. It ends up being questionable about ethics (and maybe that was its point), but it's a bit deceptive as I went into it thinking it was a comedy.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - I acknowledge the epic scope, cinematography, acting and sweeping soundtrack of this film, but I found it long, slow and uninteresting. I never got what motivated Lawrence as he decides to fight for people who are shown in the film to be murderous barbarians.

Ordinary People (1980) - I remember trying to watch this years ago. I sat down and finally committed to it and I wasn't sorry. I thought this was a good film that established a great on-screen chemistry between the characters, especially when that chemistry was supposed to be tense & uncomfortable. It's not a feel-good movie, but ultimately has a good message and is well made & well acted.

I never got what motivated Lawrence as he decides to fight for people who are shown in the film to be murderous barbarians.
Lawrence becomes ingrained in the culture himself, he lives with them for years and comes to know and respect them and their way of living just as much as any of the British or American officers. These people are hard done by his own crown he swore an oath to, he realizes that while he has a dedication to the people back home he has also taken up the position of protecting the british colonies in africa.

Obviously this is a very noble portrayal of the real person.

The only sequel you should see of those listed is Toy Story 2, which I thought was better than the first film. However, if you didn't care much for the first, then I wouldn't think the second (or third) would give you anything to make it worth its time to you.
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