Guess the Television Show from the Screenshot or GIF Game


I guess I've got everyone stumped here...the name of this show was United States and it starred Beau Bridges and Helen Shaver in a show about contemporary marriage that was possibly a little ahead of its time. Here's a new one:

Nobody knows
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

I think that's Glenn Corbett in front and the guy on the right played Marlo Thomas' boyfriend on That Girl. The show is It's a Man's World.

Oh crap. I guess I should have familiarized myself with the rules before joining in. So the last person to guess correctly takes the next turn eh? Okay. Sorry for the delay but I had to run some errands. I'll start looking for a suitable entry.
I want everyone to know that it's Whitner Nutting Bissell that's kicking in their door!

How about this one? I don't know what era is eligible but I'm assuming any of them.


Sooo ..... it's someone else's turn now, right?