Sexiest Actors/Actresses


Put me in your pocket...
Who makes your toes curl?

For me it's...

Viggo Mortensen
Olivier Martinez
Johnny Depp
Jeremy Northam
Hugh Jackman
Pierce Brosnan
Hugh Grant
Taye Diggs
Antonio Banderas
Robert Redford

They don’t make my toes curl...but I do think they're sexy.

Diane Lane
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Elizabeth Hurley
Michelle Pfeiffer
Goldie Hawn
Reese Witherspoon

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Gwyneth Paltrow hmmmm.....but i don't know. Strange that i've never given this real thought!

but by looking at your list I really think Michelle Pfeiffer is amazingly sexy, yes oh my god yes...........

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Jennifer Garner

Angelina Jolie
Jennifer love hewitt
Wynona Rider
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Jennifer Lopez. Without a doubt.
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Kate Hudson is nice. Can't think of anyone else right now
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MoFo Survivor - r3port3r66 wins!!!!!!

(HMM...LET'S SEE...)

1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Kirsten Dunst
3. Jennifer Connelly
4. Michelle Williams
5. Ashley Judd

Sorry, that's all I can think of for now.
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Okay lets see… I think Annie is going to have to share a few of hers…

Johnny Depp
Viggo Mortensen
Hugh Jackman
Colin Farrell
Jude Law
Joseph Fiennes
Sam Elliot
Sean Connery (at least his voice)
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Originally posted by Tuna
Jennifer Garner

And someone that hasnt being mentioned yet,
Kate Beckinsale
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Oh yeah, I'll add Kirsten DUnst to my list

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In order:

1. Colin Farrell
2. Ben Affleck
3. Keanu Reeves

my list is ridicoulous but just my jennifer list for now

1)Jennifer Connely
2)Jennifer Tilly
3)Jennifer Esposito
4)Jennifer Lopez
5)Jennifer Garner
6)Jennifer Luv Hewitt

i know im missing a couple but i have list and categories for best hotties

I'd have to say my celebrity hottie is, of coarse, Dana Darvey. (AKA Garth Algar in Wayne's World or Pistachio Disguisey)
To me, he's a real heart stopper

~Sammi Algar <- yes that is my REAL last name believe it or not!!

BONO.......... ........

Viggo Mortensen.....
Keanu Reeves....
Johnny Depp....
Hugh Jackman....
James Gooding....
Tom Cruise.....
Robbie Williams.......
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Winona Ryder (I don't care. She can steal from me anytime!)
Christina Ricci
Thora Birch
Alyson Hannigan
and my current favorite:
Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Also Monica Bellucci

and Keira Knightly
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DonJuan de la Nooch
I like Kirstin Dunst but I wouldn't label her as sexy.
Rosario Dawson
Kathleen Robertson
Famke Janssen
Nia Long
Eliza Dushku
Michelle Rodriguez
Rachel True
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Chloe Sevighny
Roselyn Sanchez
Maria Conchita Alonso
Kelly Preston
Rebecca Gayheart
and Lisa Nicole Carson......... just to name a few
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