Favourite portmanteau horror


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Dr Terrorís House of Horrors is a favourite of mine. Other than the other Amicus films in the series and Creepshow, I donít know too many others.

What does “portmanteau” mean in this context?
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A film comprising of 4 or 5 different stories. Sometimes the stories all interlink at the end.
Thanks for that explanation. At first I thought this thread would be under the game section as a portmanteau often means combining different names or titles together.

Trilogy of Terror
(1975) - three different horror stories that all starred Karen Black.

3 that immediately come to mind were from the 1980ís. And a fourth from 1990.
Creepshow 2
Twilight Zone: The Movie
Tales from the Darkside

Of those 4, I enjoyed Twilight Zone the most.
The Coen Brothers recently did one a few years back called The Ballad of Buster Scruggs that Iíve been meaning to watch.

If you haven't seen Trick R Treat (2007), I would highly recommend it. Pretty much every entry is really good and it has a great wrap-around story. Kwaidan is a horror classic for a good reason, with the monk's story being the standout. Three . . . Extremes is an Asian horror anthology of which my favorite entry was "The Box".

I find many anthologies to be somewhat uneven. There's one called Southbound that has one really strong entry and the rest are passable.

Tales of Halloween ranged from really good (a genuinely disturbing short called "Trick" and a totally bonkers love-it-or-hate-it entry called "Ding Dong" from Lucky McKee) to deeply awful.

There's an anthology from 1945 called Dead of Night. It has one bad segment (with golfers and a ghost and it just goes on and on) but the rest range from solid to really good. And the wraparound story is chill-inducing.

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