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Can someone help me identify which movie this graphic is from?

Thank you

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Google image search comes up with nothing. So I got nothing.
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Ortheopedic surgeons typically wear a balaclava rather than a simple cap, but I suspect that the operation being depicted is actually neurosurgery (which in the movies is far much more dramatic).

I've been looking at the poster and what I see are:

1) Two women in surgical garb - it doesn't look like men to me
2) It's the same woman - the upper left image is a flipped and smaller version of the other one - the shadows are too similar as are the folds of the mask/hat

Can someone help me identify which movie this graphic is from?
Can you tell me why you think it's from a movie? Is it from a website? Maybe we could find more about the picture if we know where you've seen it.

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Kinda reminds me of Metallica's One. They have exactly same docs looking down on the patient.

The song uses the clip from the movie Johnny Got His Gun.
Exact thing I was just getting ready to post, really does remind me of the video for One.

Also how awesome is the video for One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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