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What Decade were you born?
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Before 1940
5 votes
1940 - 1949
10 votes
1950 - 1959
33 votes
1960 - 1969
66 votes
1970 - 1979
141 votes
1980 - 1989
122 votes
1990 - 1999
3 votes
2000 - 2009
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2010 towards
2 votes
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Colour out of Time
How old are we here at MoFo ??

This Poll is anonymous for all those you be shy

Just thought that this would be an interesting, a chart on which decade we were born.

From to to ... Let's Find Out


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Welcome to the human race...
18 years young.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Lost in never never land
I refuse to answer until the person who made the thread post their age
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36 here...
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Colour out of Time
I refuse to answer until the person who made the thread post their age
WOW That was quick guys ... had to get the poll thing happening

Just did good sir I was born on the year of Doctor Who, the Smilie and the Magic Bullet

WARNING: "My prediction" spoilers below
Is that there will be a fair proportion of 60's-70's and the greater will be 90's

I clicked:

1970 - 1979

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AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do...
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I clicked:

1970 - 1979

Weird I thought Angels were around BEFORE humans recorded time...interesting...oh and I was in the 80's the decade after free love and before the decade of having to pay for love.

Its good to see you again Caity Ive missed you pal! I miss our spontanious and random PM's... giggity

Results are still fairly small, but so far I find them consistent with personal observations. Namely, that there aren't nearly as many teenagers here as there are on similar sites, and that we tend to have more 20 and 40-somethings than we do 30-somethings.

Too early to declare any of this fact, but so far it certainly fits with whatever anecdotal evidence I have.

I gotta be honest, I hate when people use this phrase.

I'm 18, BTW.
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If I were buying a laser gun I'd definitely take the XF-3800 before I took the "Pew Pew Pew Fun Gun."

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I'm one of the young ones 18 years old over here

born 4 days after the end of the 80s

wow kind of hard to believe I was 14 when I joined these forums
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Welcome to the human race...
I gotta be honest, I hate when people use this phrase.

I'm 18, BTW.
I just figured I'd try something different.