Little boy runs from bullies, hides in a shop


Hey guys! New to the forum, and I'm looking for some help ID-ing a movie.

I watched this film on DVD in ~2003 or 2004 (I was in the 3rd grade), and this scene has really stuck in my mind.

As far as I remember, the movie is set sometime in the 20th century, perhaps 19th, in an urban environment.

There are 2 scenes that I remember:

First, a little boy (age ~10) gets chased around the alleyways and streets by a group of other boys. They catch him, and shove him into a dumpster.

In the second scene, he manages to get out of the dumpster, but the bullies are still chasing him, and he takes refuge in a small shop. I believe the shop is run by an old man (but not 100% sure about his/her age), and the boy hides there as the camera shows the other boys running past the shop.

I know this description is pretty vague and circumstantial, but, do you guys have any suggestions?


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The NeverEnding Story (1984) - Definitely did not come out in 2003-04 but the description matches perfectly.

^^ The bully scene and hiding from the bullies.