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A Clockwork Orange
Drama / English / 1971

Omnizoa: Haven't see A Clockwork Orange.
gboodies: I would say don't bother...
Miss Vicky: Don't bother.
Sexy Celebrity: Bother.
I've heard a lot of crap about A Clockwork Orange.

I knew it contained some really twisted stuff and I've read about people who've had nightmares after seeing the movie.

But I watch anime. So I'm pretty used to seeing twisted **** by now.

After seeing A Clockwork Orange, I honestly feel I must reduce my score for Taxi Driver to a [Just... Bad].

Originally Posted by MovieMeditation
You'll come to understand why Taxi Driver is a masterpiece.

Go watch more movies, experience more corners of cinema, come back and be like "wow, what was I doing not loving that film!?"

Because after over 2 HOURS of this movie at least I wasn't BORED. At least there was always something HAPPENING, at least the PLOT WAS MOVING ALONG or doing something interesting.

[Meh...] is usually my rating for a competent movie that bores me, but even though Taxi Driver didn't irritate anywhere on the same levels that other movies have, what pitifully little it does spend it's time on I can poke holes in.

Travis' romance? Stupid and unrealistic.

Travis' motivations? Limp and unexplained.

The entire story? It feels like someone took the ideas of a "vigilante taxi driver" and a "hidden wrist gun" and didn't know how to combine the two for most of an entire movie. That SUCKS.

Clockwork Orange didn't bore me, but it falls into my alternate reason for giving a [Meh...] rating: What I liked about the movie is largely offset, but not overwhelmed, by what I didn't like about the movie.

Or more accurately, what I didn't like was offset by what I liked, because A Clockwork Orange starts off REALLY WEIRD.

And goofy.

And kind of appalling.

And I really cannot take their outfits any less seriously.

The pure distilled NOPE I get by seeing the opening shot of the 4 gang members sitting in a club where they drink glasses of milk poured from dripping tit fountains is pretty strong.

I did not like the beginning of the movie at all. But this stupid mess of ugly design choices and rape for the sake of shock value constitute less than a third of the movie.

The rest of the movie is an interesting ride along with Alex as he gets betrayed by his gang, jailed, and forced into aversion therapy to fix his "violent and sexual urges".

I didn't like Alex, but I don't think I was supposed to. I think the point of the movie is to subvert the idea of aversion therapy it presents this theme in a fairly interesting way. I'm sure plenty of people have argued back and forth about it's effectiveness (probably a lot more in the 70s than now where it's akin to the similarly dubious electroshock therapy), but how best to present that argument?

Well, why not from the perspective of a thoroughly ****ed up dude who's forced to endure it?

The movie's not entirely about that, there's plenty of creative liberties (lots of breasts and penises) and narrative license (karma's a bitch, ain't it?), but was largely focused on presenting this idea from Alex's perspective. And I thought it was mostly interesting.

The movie loses points from me for frequent overacting and unrealistic dialog. The opening few scenes are also a strike against the movie since they're were just unpleasant to sit through, and the whole movie overall lacks design consistency.

On the other hand, this is now hilarious:

Overall, I can't safely say I liked it, but unlike Taxi Driver, I wouldn't mind watching it again.

Final Verdict:

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"Well, at least your intentions behind the UTTERLY DEVASTATING FAULTS IN YOUR LOGIC are good." - Captain Steel

I can't handle this thread, I simply cannot.

I'll better leave before I get seriously rude and I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
I know. Next he's going to give the 2008 Death Race a
or something.

I can't handle this thread, I simply cannot.

I'll better leave before I get seriously rude and I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Your call. I'm open to criticism though.

Personally I think that's a generous rating for A Clockwork Orange. I was pretty indifferent to Taxi Driver myself and I think The Godfather is really boring.

Still think you're crazy for calling Being John Malkovich a bad movie, though.

Just a quick memory about A Clockwork Orange (1971) - my friend's (formerly hippie) parents took us to see it at Princeton University.
It was the late 70's (we were maybe 12 years old). This wasn't a regular movie theater, it was like an on-campus theater for avante garde movies or some such. When the movie started, the rating on the screen said it was rated "X". My friend's parents weren't sure what to do. (I remember overhearing them whisper about whether they should take us out or not.) They decided to stay and we watched the film.

Don't know if the film was ever revised for a lower rating (or it got one because times have changed), but I think it's currently rated "R".

Personally I think that's a generous rating for A Clockwork Orange.
Maybe. I thought it's concept was interesting though and certain scenes like Alex stalling to drink his wine cause he thinks it's poisoned were kinda funny.

Originally Posted by Miss Vicky
Still think you're crazy for calling Being John Malkovich a bad movie, though.
My issue with Being John Malkovich is that it raises questions it doesn't answer. When they first discover the hole the very first reaction isn't, "H-how can this logically be? Who put it here? What purpose does it serve?", but instead, "Doesn't this raise so many philosophical questions about, like... life and souls and stuff?"

No... puppetman. It doesn't. It just annoys me.

Just a quick memory about A Clockwork Orange (1971) - my friend's (formerly hippie) parents took us to see it at Princeton University.
It was the late 70's (we were maybe 12 years old). This wasn't a regular movie theater, it was like an on-campus theater for avante garde movies or some such. When the movie started, the rating on the screen said it was rated "X". My friend's parents weren't sure what to do. (I remember overhearing them whisper about whether they should take us out or not.) They decided to stay and we watched the film.

Don't know if the film was ever revised for a lower rating (or it got one because times have changed), but I think it's currently rated "R".
Oh yeah, I can definitely see that.

I can also definitely see that being EXTRAORDINARILY AWKWARD.

Nana and Kaoru
Erotic Romance / Japanese / 2011

Cause I'm stupid. THERE.

Okay, fine. I mentioned in my The Secretary "review" (I don't like calling these reviews) that I'd seen better stories in pornos. Well, "Nana to Kaoru" was what I was thinking of. That's when I discovered they actually made a live action movie.

Nana to Kaoru is originally an erotic comedy manga.

You can tell because it's obvious that no one involved with this movie knows how to adapt a manga to live-action.

Nana underacts, Kaoru overacts, and the whole movie HAD ONE JOB.

The basic premise is that a generally uptight and stressed out council president and her skeevy SM-geek distant friend from way back live next to each other and go to the same school. After a realistic altercation they find themselves in a platonic SM relationship which serves to relax both of their chilly personalities, build trust in each other, and eventually develop into a romantic relationship.

It SOUNDS weird, but this manga managed to gain enough traction with non-SM readers it's now published alongside Berserk, which is a cult classic grimdark fantasy series.

The concept and basis was strong enough, but the transition to live-action was terrible.

Kaoru's basically been flanderized into a stereotypical over-the-top Japanese pervert, and Kaoru couldn't act to save her life.

Inner monologue becomes outer monologue and whatever isn't mood-breaking spoken out loud isn't told to us which damages our ability to understand both character's motivations which are far deeper and more appreciable in the manga than in the movie.

Also the pissing scene. They left in the pissing scene.

I don't get that. Why is that supposed to be sexy? Jus-CUT THAT OUT! I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT!

Originally Posted by Omnizoa
But I watch anime. So I'm pretty used to seeing twisted **** by now.
Nana and Kaoru is spared an [Irredeemably Awful] from me because it managed to get a brief chuckle out of me, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Final Verdict:
[Just... Bad]

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Fantasy / English / 1986

I quoted it in foster's Movie Quotes thread (mainly because I was thinking of David Bowie). I haven't seen it in like... over 5 years though. Reassessment time!

My opinion of Labyrinth has certainly improved over the years.

I think every time I've seen it I've been inclined to directly compare it to other fantasy movies of the time. Problem there is, that's not really fair, since most other fantasy movies try to have a plot, or... SOMETHING.

As I was watching through Labyrinth this time, I think I was finally clue'd off to what I've been missing: Labyrinth isn't like most fantasy movies because it isn't trying to tell a typical fantasy movie story, at least in the modern sense.

It's a more of a fable, it's a lot more like The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland. The purpose of both of these narratives is to entertain through their presentation, themes, amusing peculiarities, and occasionally insightful dialog.

Another thing all of these stories have in common is the adventure serves as a sort of lesson or exercise for the main heroine.

I don't think any of the lessons come off as very strong, especially Labyrinth, but the sense of exploring the new and surreal easily dwarfs The Wizard of Oz and even Alice in Wonderland in all but wordplay.

As hard as I try, it's very tough to come up with criticisms of the movie other than: stage animals and creepy-bird-people-scene (**** that scene, seriously). And that's pretty small potatoes considering how much worse I've seen far less creative movies do.

I could complain about the obviously terrible green screen, but there's so little of it, and most of the effects in the movie are great if not downright how-did-they-do-that impressive (I think a lot of great matte painting work went into certain shots).

Coming away from it, I see the screw-everything-throw-a-party ending pretty much cements my newfound feelings on the movie. It's not so much an epic fantasy story so much as it celebrates fantasy stories, by trying to drag all the most memorable bits into one movie, be it quirky characters, monsters, riddles, spatial deception, or inexplicably attractive villains.

Oh, and 80s montages for literally no reason whatsoever. Gotta have those.

Final Verdict:
[Friggen' Awesome]

Harold and Maude
Romantic Comedy / English / 1971

Saw it mentioned once or twice in orestb333's Your Favorite Dark Comedy Movie thread and bearing in mind that I haven't seen it for over 5 years I thought I'd give it a rewatch and see if my neutral/boring feelings towards it have changed.

And thus ended the only romantic comedy that's ever made me cry.

I'm SUUUPER HARD to sell on romance movies, ESPECIALLY romantic comedies, so I suppose the fact that this one got to me by approaching the general concept so unconventionally makes sense.

I hate so many things about romance movies mainly because I hate so many things about dating and "love" in real life. That **** just gets under my skin in a bad way and I hate it.

The only vague whisper of any of that is Harold's plan to marry Maude.

Say what you will, but that's a checkbox ticked on my list of "Stupid Things You're Wasting My Time With".

That part of the movie is infinitesimally small compared to everything else though.

The idea that the two love interests take a wild stab at taboos by featuring a social recluse and a criminal with an extreme age difference of at least 60 years sounds like a weak shock material. But while young Harold's obsessed with death and suicide and retreating into his own head, Maude brings a frightening counterbalance by being a 79-year-old woman high on life and living in the moment in the truest sense of the phrase.

I like how the two contrast and complement each other in their various ways, Maude to Harold moreso than Harold to Maude though, that would be a criticism of mine. Harold seems to offer Maude little more than what is probably some overlooked attention while Maude serves to enlighten Harold to the little things, small joys, and the thrill of living in the moment, rather than mulling in the distant past or the future.

Neither character is entirely respectable on their own, Harold just seems to miserably loiter around and Maude clearly jacks cars on a regular basis (with the purest of intentions of course), but the relationship, if anything, manages to even out at least one of them by the end.

The humor is so incredibly deadpan that many of the gags throughout just kinda hang (in an incredibly punny way) and while I laughed a few times, most of the humor was very very mild so while I wasn't exactly bored this time around, I didn't feel a whole lot of punch from what was onscreen.

A few scenes are exceptional of course, the scene in which Harold explains why he pretends to kill himself and the finale are very memorable. The scheme to get Harold out of the military was also memorable although for very different reasons.

Something that I noticed this time around is that this romance develops over the course of a week.

Generally I'd be inclined to call BS on an Overnight Romance, but considering that neither of these characters have anything but time, both find each other totally atypical, and Maude's live-in-the-moment philosophy is conducive to it, I'm gonna let it slide.

Not only these things, but unlike the vast majority of romcoms I've seen, both characters legitimately develop their relationship with one another throughout the movie, both by learning about each other AND sharing the same interests (even if they are funerals) without devolving to those ******* "rules" I hate so much.

Harold and Maude breaks rules, it doesn't make them.

Final Verdict:
[Pretty Good]

Pitch Black
Sci-Fi / English / 2000

I keep revisiting it so often, that I just bought it.

Underrated sci-fi classic.

Aside from the cool premise of crashlanding on a planet where creepy crawlies come out during the eclipse, and the many many opportunities the movie takes to make Vin Diesel, Riddick, a badass without ever venturing into cheesy territory (humor is definitely intentional), a big reason I like this movie is the morally ambiguous characters.

The movie knows we want a good guy to root for, but nearly everyone with major screentime is flawed or portrayed negatively in some way which makes it difficult to ascertain everyone's intentions.

Fry's character opens the movie making the selfish decision to jettison all of the passengers of her ship to save her own life. It doesn't work, and we see her struggle to come to terms with the people grateful for saving their lives despite her concealed intentions not to.

As the movie goes on, Fry's eventually redeemed through her actions and the bigger question becomes which of the two characters, Riddick or John, his bounty hunter, can be most trusted since they clearly don't trust each other for good reason.

Riddick's motivations remain questionable nearly all the way into the final scene of the movie, but even then you've been given enough evidence to know what to expect from him by this point. Before this point, the questionability of his motivations as well as his relationship with John (which is valuably improved the Director's Cut) serve to create a constant tension throughout the movie even when there isn't any action on screen, and it's a real treat to see all of the "weak" characters make an effort to hang around one or the other in an attempt to curry favor from the two "powerful" characters even when their intentions aren't entirely transparent and doing so may get them killed.

Among my limited criticisms would be the noticeably weak CG which skates by largely because the most glaring effects are used in dark shots. By biggest complaint would be the bottled glow-worms.

Poor glow-worms. They didn't do anything to you, and yet you stuff a family of them into an old booze bottle and then just left them to die trapped in there. ********.

For the record, I would give the sequels, Chronicles of Riddick, a [Meh...] and Riddick a [Just... Bad].

Chronicles suffers by removing Riddick's ambiguity and... just generally having a weaker plot and themes (points for death by teacup though). Riddick suffers by being a carbon copy of Pitch Black except way way way way worse.

Final Verdict:
[Friggen' Awesome]

It has been 6 years that this movie has sat on my shelf, long awaiting an overdue review, to confirm that it truly is worthy of the lustrous prestige of sitting amidst my all-time favorite movies.

I'm honestly surprised that I rated this 5 stars.

While it's still certainly my favorite Vin Diesel movie, and still the best of the Riddick trilogy, and did not sport nearly as poor of CG as I recall, this movie falls well short of an exceptional review.

Not that it does anything particularly poorly, but it really doesn't excel in any great respect. Riddick himself is equal parts amusing and enigmatic, but the rest of the cast carries personality about on par with the guest characters of a weak Stargate episode (or Farscape, for that matter). The music is serviceable, but in no way memorable, and the monster design is quite frankly boring and unappealing.

Perhaps the biggest issue comes down to how the movie is structured. The first half takes place in the day time, during which we're hyping up the threat of Riddick, teasing at the night to come, and very minimally developing Captain Lady and Fake Cop. All of the outdoor shots are also inconsistently presented with a bright yellow or blue filter and overexposed in an effort to convey how bright it is on a planet with 3 suns. That's just not appealing to look at. This isn't the deep blue and orange saturation of Mad Max: Fury Road, it's just ugly and difficult to watch.

The second half of the movie takes place at night and they basically let the cat out of the bag in the most literal sense because when you establish that the monsters are innumerable and everywhere, and then you have them randomly pick off the characters, it really just feels like a deus ex character death.

Not so with the Archaeologist(?) character, he was so unreasonably ****ing stupid that he not only left the biggest source of light, which was the best defense the cast had against the monsters, dragging it with him, destroying it, and getting himself killed while endangering the cast. Absolute big-brained genius, no wonder the monsters took a big 'ol bite out of it.

The dialog, mainly involving Riddick creepin' on Captain Lady, still has it's moments, but it's few and far between and I feel like I disproportionately overweighted these relationships the first time I watched it because, as seems to be the case with me at times, I end up drooling over inspirational concepts. If something happens in a movie that sounds like a crazy cool idea or there's a character dynamic that plays out in a way that really appeals to me, I go all in on that, but having that first impression dulled over the course of few years and revisiting with these conceits in mind, I'm left less than impressed.

This is good solid movie, there's not a lot to actually complain about, but there's relatively little to commend it for, unless I'm trying to give a rating relative to the average sci-fi/monster movie... in which case it gets high marks.

Final Verdict:

The world doesn't owe you a damn thing
just saw this thread; HUGE fan of Harold & Maude and of Pitch Black

Great write ups, will be coming back to see the rest of your thread. Great job, Omi!

Forbidden Planet
Sci-Fi / English / 1956

I think this is supposed to be the quintessential 50s sci-fi movie, right? Other then that, I saw the poster and how can I NOT want to see the movie after a poster like this?:

Mmmmm.... that's some good retrofuture.

I thought it was decent. Most generously I would say I'm shocked by how ahead of it's time this movie feels considering it's over 60 YEARS OLD HOLY DAMN.

It got a few intended chuckles out of me and I'm surprised I liked the plot as much as I did despite a few inconsistencies (how'd that last guy die anyway? He just sort of keeled over offscreen.) though my main complaints would OF COURSE have to go towards the one female character.

She's... just sorta there. To tempt the male protagonists. Because apparently they've been secluded from women for over a year for some stupid reason. She's been secluded too so it's apparently a lot of horny men seeking kisses (and only kisses? man, these guys get off easy) from a woman who doesn't even get the concept of kissing.

I really liked the "Nope, I still don't get it" scene where the one guy keeps kissing her and she's not getting anything out of it. Kissing is one of those things that bothers me in romance movies (thank you, Harold & Maude), but unfortunately the movie takes all of that goodwill when the one guy asinine enough to yell at her FOR BEING A WOMAN ends up kissing her and ooooohhh I totally get that kissing thing now.

He tells her to wear something that covers her whole body which reminds me of an episode of Dirty Pair which outright insults that sort of conservatism and she reappears with her legs covered in a dress and her arms completely bare.

"Oh honey, no, that's the opposite of what I meant, I'm turned on by your thighs and BICEPS, you need to cover all that."

Get it? Cause 50s? Cause sexual repression? Cause all those probable closet gays on his spaceship?

Anyway, my only other real strike against the movie would be THE MISLEADING POSTER.

The poster features Robby the Robot and That One Female Actor and NEITHER of them are remotely important to the plot. Thanks for taking my Obviously Evil Robot and Damsel in Distress cliches and COMPLETELY AVERTING THEM!

Final Verdict:

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Collection Update:

Pitch Black
Glad I got the Director's Cut of Pitch Black.

Shame Clue is almost as barebones as it gets. No insert at all and special features on the back of the box include the UNRATED TRAILER and 3 SURPRISE ENDINGS. Ooooohhhh... fancy ****.

I like my DVDs with Production Commentaries, Cast Commentaries, Making Ofs, Bloopers, and Animated Screen Tests. None of this "Special Features Include: Subtitles" crap.

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