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Love this movie. Seen it a million times.
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I am hoping to watch another Studio Ghibli film tonight. I am trying to whittle them down, one by one.

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You have to know something about Taxi Driver before you watch it. As good as a movie as it is, there are some ethical problems with the production. During the run-up to production, to get into character, Robert De Niro and Harvey Keitel kidnapped and kept Cybil Shepard in their basement for a month, taunting her routinely (when they were even down there to keep her company), and forcing her to read her lines over and over again, only leaving her rat feces for food. (Source: The New York Times article "How Do They Do It?: (Subtitle) Acting In Hollywood Today" January 2nd, 1976)


Hmmmm...logical problems - It's Inside, a new flick with that most intense of actors, Willem Dafoe. This time, he's a high-stakes heist guy, hitting a high-up Midtown Manhattan condo that has lots of megabucks art. Things go wrong, however, and the condo self locks, leaving Dafoe's character locked in. He can't get out, phones don't work and food's scarce. Even water is shut off, leaving him to scavenge. Months go by. Dafoe's beard never gets past about 2 weeks. Somehow the food lasts through seasonal changes even though it starts with crackers and jars of caviar and no water or anything else.

In these kind of movies, you need to keep things somewhat logical, otherwise the people like me get aggravated and stop paying attention. Script continuity and script logic do count. Oh well.

Watching this tonight, don't have the highest hopes but I'm a fan of the actress so we'll see
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Watching this tonight, don't have the highest hopes but I'm a fan of the actress so we'll see
Doesnít she play Rueís younger sister in Euphoria?