MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


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Yeah, with Brady’s bum hand, they decided to run him a lot last night, which of course brought Brady’s stats down.
On a side rant of my own: who is this OJ Howard guy and why is he taking catches away from Godwin?! 🤨
I can't stand Howard. A talented guy that somehow doesn't get enough looks to roster, but ends up poaching TDs from wideouts at the worst possible time.

Meanwhile: It's Chuba time!
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The trick is not minding
Ertz traded to Arizona which should definitely benefit him and his owner. Should see more targets and doesn’t have to share the spot with Goedert any longer.

The trick is not minding
Also, Chubb out, which greatly impacts the game between PW and Empire. Empire has his BU, Hunt.
PW hit with the injury bug hard this past week.

This sucks. Over half my team is already on IR and now both my starting receivers are dreaded game time decisions. Sigh. Think I'm gonna be running out mostly bench players and dart throws this week. Yikes..
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

The trick is not minding
Sweating out my game against Sedai as he slowly chips away at my lead.
Edit: 🤬

Razor thin margins against TONGO right now. Cowboys get one more shot and if they score (and maybe even if they don't), he'll win.

I'd be pretty comfortable right now if I hadn't switched kickers, but yeah, big news re: kickers being a crapshoot.

The really wild thing is that the Chargers didn't just get blown out by Baltimore, but somehow managed zero garbage time points (I've got Herbert and TONGO had the BAL defense, so even one cheap touchdown in the last third of the game would have been huge).

The trick is not minding
Second week in a row I can’t hold a lead. So much promise with this team, now staring at 2-4 on a 3 game losing streak.
Damn. This loss stinks.


Dallas pick six, I start celebrating because the Cowboys have no reason to try to score...and then a 75-yard TD from Mac Jones on the next play completely reverses that. Outcome still in doubt. That's insane.

Yeahhhh...that was pretty dumb. INT shoulda ended it, but Dallas blows the coverage so the game goes on. Then it goes into OT, somehow giving TONGO another chance. Then the Cowboys are in FG range and running well and decide to throw...and then the Pats totally blow the coverage and give up a TD. Like 10 things in a row had to happen for me to lose that and they all did.

I'm gonna be like 6th in points but dead last in the standings.

Great matchup Yoda, sorry you lost. I thought you were gonna beat me even after me having a big thursday.

The trick is not minding
Well, I have my work cut out for me. Really can’t afford to lose too many more games from here on out. 8-6 could get me in the playoffs, theoretically, but that’s a tough road there. I need to finish 6-2 the rest of the way. So much needs to happen for that to occur.

The trick is not minding
Also, many of the guys ahead of us are 4-2, or 3-3, which isn’t a insurmountable lead, especially as I have shown my team is capable of scoring.
Injuries are starting to hit people as well. Hunt went down, and my opponent next week, Empire will probably be without him. Add to the fact that Elliot is on a bye, and I should be favored.
Until he comes from behind and wins again that is….

At least I don't have to sit around waiting for bad news. I knew before the 4:00pm window of games were even complete that I had lost. However many more points Censored Clowns earns in MNF is all just gravy. After averaging 115 points over the first five weeks I could not even manage to get to 75.

Considering the injuries and BYEs I was dealing with I actually made some decent moves. I picked up Ricky Seals-Jones to plug my hole at TE caused by Kittle's tenure on the IL and he answered with four receptions for 58 yards including a 39-yard touchdown. I started Latvius Murray in my FLEX spot and he got a touchdown, too. He also got banged up and didn't play much in the second half. The 26 combined points from those two guys might have propelled me in another week, but they scarcely mattered in Week Six. Antonio Gibson, who had actually been performing something like a low-end number one back the past couple weeks scoring three touchdowns, got injured and was removed from his game, too. Neither his nor Murray's injuries seem super serious, but Gibson left scoring me only 3.40 points.

Davante Adams was not injured, thank cripes, but he had an unusually unproductive day in the Packers win over the Bears. After averaging over twelve targets a game he only got five today. He did catch four of them, but his 89 scoreless yards were not much from the best wideout in the game. And to put the final nail in my coffin, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens rolled all over the Chargers but did it largely on the ground with feet other than Lamar's. Though Baltimore scored 34 points in the rout Jackson had a hand in only one TD. He finished with less than half of his projection and much, much less than the near fiddyburger he put up in the mighty Week Five comeback against Indy.


Next week I have Deebo coming back off of his BYE and potentially both Jerry Jeudy and Jarvis Landry reemerging from the IL. None of that will help me replace Gibson if he winds up missing time, but barring another simultaneous subpar week from both Lamar and Davante hopefully I won't be total embarrassment again in Week Seven. This week was just brutal. Do I win any booby prize for having by far the lowest score?

It does at least look as though I will prevail over my wife in my other league, barring some disaster with Josh Allen tomorrow night. So I got that goin' for me...which is nice. And I did attend the Ravens game again this week which was lovely. Both the score and the weather.
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