Info about Spiderman 4 and X-Men 5


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I read that another movie in the X-men series is about to come out in the future,
Like, X-men Origins : Wolverine.... but about Magneto and his past in the holocaust...

Now Spider man 4.
I know its already in IMDB and it sounds interesting.

It says Eliza Dushku in the cast, who will she play? can it be the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) ...on the poster its Eliza Dushku alright.....will she dye her hair to I love her and attaching her to a series like Spider man can make it better.

I heard that Carnage, and the Lizard will appear.
Ed Harris as The Lizard?

Does someone head anything about those two scheduled future movies????

any info? details?... i just love movies with sequels, prequels and more sequels... especially great ones like those two.
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I dont get why in Spiderman 3 and now in this one, they waste charactors? In SM3 they wasted venom they could of made him the main bad guy rather having him and Sandman.
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That's definitely a fan-made poster. Sam Raimi hasn't even started working on Spider-Man 4 yet.

Anyway, we already have several threads on each film. Please direct your comments about them here:Thread closed.