People in Hollywood that should be Blacklisted


Shia LaBeouf is a certain kind of dirtbag.
10,000+% on this and I'm glad Mads beats his azz in Charlie Countryman.

The guy pictured in the first post seems to be channeling Johnny Depp. They must be kindred spirits based on the linked news story. I've never heard of him myself.
I was getting a Pete Davidson vibe out of it.

It fits...

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hate amber heard
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Shia LaBeouf is a certain kind of dirtbag.
Why? What has he done? I must've missed this news flash

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Ill never watch a DC movie again. WB decisionmaking is beyond idiotic.

Most of the recent DC movies weren't very good anyway, but I agree that this makes no sense.
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Fred Rogers can't keep getting away with it.
Here, here! Frankly I'm sick of his whole "I died in 2003" schtick!
(And then Tom-freakin'-Hanks goes and perpetuates the myth just like Jim Carey did for Andy Kaufman!)