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Registered User's the setup. I actually had this movie idea for a long time::

Young Miami cops have to try and grab a mob boss and his gang who killed a rookie cop during a mob hit.


Young female cop...late 20's-early 30's
Young male cop....late 20's-early 30's
Mob boss...50-60's

My ideas were:

Young female cop...Brittany Murphy or Mena Suvari
Young male cop...Seann William Scott
Mob Boss...Robert Deniro

My "PLOT" I wrote for the heck of it..actually has some twists and turns.

Man, that's deep.

How can anyone cast a film not knowing anything about the characters?

Besides...Brit and Sean??? Jesus...if you want the film to suck donkey turds, go ahead and hire Brit and Sean. Knock yourself out.

I'm thinking...Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin as the cops, and maybe Benji as the mob boss with the inferiority complex due to his small penis.

Just messin' with ya', kid...have fun.
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I know it's dumb...but this was the script I wrote in 2003:::

Rating: R for Language, Adult content, and Violence.

Detective Page Wilkens- Mena Suvari
Detective Mike McCaster- Seann William Scott
Richard Murloni- Robert DeNero
Jimmy Devorie- Frank Sivero
Sammy Fresno- Vincent Pastore
Detective Bill Dester- Ryan Phillippe
Captian Lisa Avery- Hilary Swank
Sergeant Kate Wilkens- Rene Russo
Detective Rick Janus- Colin Hanks

Two rookie Miami cops, Page Wilkens (SUVARI) and Mike McCaster (SCOTT) hunt down killers of a young rookie named Rick Janus (HANKS). It turns out, Janus was killed after trying to stop a mob hit at a local bar. That leads mob boss Richard Murloni (DENIRO) and his hitmen
Jimmy Devorie (SIVERO), and Sammy Fresno (PASTORE) to try and kill Detectives Wilkens and McCaster. As Wilkens and McCaster fall for eachother, Detective Bill Dester (PHILLIPPE) decides to help the two, much to the displeasure of their Captian Lisa Avery (SWANK), and
Wilken's mother former Sergeant Kate Wilkens (RUSSO). But, after Fresno and Devorie kill Page's mom, she gets off the hook with her partners to capture and get revenge on Murloni's gang. As Wilken's and McCaster decide to go look at an abandend warehouse that was supposed to
be an old hideout of Murloni's and drug warehouse that was no longer in use, Detective Dester shows on the scene with Mike and Page. He sees that Page has no vest. He gives her his, since,
although the warehouse is empty, Bill says "You never know". They walk into the warehouse. Before Bill can even button his shirt, Murloni's gang begins shooting with automatic weapons. They all shoot back, as Mike is on one side of the warehouse room behind big huge boxes, and
Page and Bill are on the other side. Page fires five shots and runs out of bullets. As she goes to put in a new clip, Fresno comes up behind her, points the gun to her head and says"Say goodnight sweetcheeks." Just then, Bill (shirt still opened) fires four shots into
Fresno's back. As he does so, he yells, "Goodnight Sweetcheeks." Meanwhile, Mike has already called for help on the radio. Running low on ammo, he shields himself against the other side
of the huge box. Police outside of the warehouse can not go in due to heavy fire, so they call in SWAT. SWAT says they will be there in fifteen minutes. The cops reply: "They may not have
fifteen minutes!" On the upper balcony of the inside room of the warehouse, Murloni is there. He goes into a room, and brings out a .357 magnum, and checks to see if it is loaded. It is, and as he leaves the room, SIVERO says: "Those are not effective in the 21st Century!"
Murloni laughs, and walks away. One of Murloni's thugs shoots one shot at Page and Bill (WHO ARE NEXT TO EACH OTHER) and then is out of bullets. He throws his gun down and runs. Bill catches him, and gets his gun knocked out of his hand. In hand to hand combat with the
thug, Page fires three shots up to the balcony where a thug is shooting an automatic uzi at McCaster. She runs out of bullets and goes to put a new clip in. Just then, only feet in front of Page, Bill punches the thug and grabs him by his hair. Bill punches him again, and says to him: "I got you now *******!" Just then, Murloni shoots Bill six times with the .357 in the chest from the balcony. As he shoots and the thug runs, Murloni yells out: "And they say these guns are not effective!" Page drops her empty gun and grabs Bill's and begins shooting at Murloni. He runs away. She grabs Bill, and says to him: "You gave me your vest." Bill dies. Page takes Bill's gun, and takes her gun, and loads it. She walks out and shoots the thug shooting at Mike nine times. He dies. Mike and her join together. She tells him that Bill is dead. Just then, Murloni shoots Mike once in his vest. Page raises her gun but is grabbed and disarmed by Devorie. Murloni explains how he shot Bill with regular bullets and how the one he just shot Mike with was armor piercing. The bullet went through the vest, through the skin, and out the back. Murloni spins the barrel of the gun Wilkens and McCaster walk out wounded but alive into the Miami sunset as Avery looks hopelessly on.

The End Has Come
Detective Page Wilkens- Kristanna Loken
Detective Mike McCaster- Christian Bale
Richard Murloni- Paul Sorvino
Jimmy Devorie- James Franco
Sammy Fresno- William Forsythe
Detective Bill Dester- Taye Diggs
Captian Lisa Avery- Lorraine Bracco
Sergeant Kate Wilkens- Beverly D'Angelo
Detective Rick Janus- Giovanni Ribisi
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not a bad one