European. Teen Boy, Naked, Pushed Into Girl’s Change Room By Bullies


A long shot, but a cinematic image left in my brain without context, and pointlessly curious at this point, as to what it was I saw, or thought I saw.

Scene opens with a teen boy in a change room, being bullied by 2 (?) others. It is clear that the bullied boy is nude, although camera angles are discreet. The essence is…they are telling him, I think, to go into the girl’s change room, and, in any event, end up pushing him in. He is standing there, amongst a bunch of toweled girls. At least one of the bullies follows him in, and tells him to cover up by putting on girl’s underwear. The bullied boy starts to fight the bully at that point.

Definitely European, most definitely not a teen (or any other sort of) comedy, and not exploitive as such.

Not much to go on, but any ideas?

Found it.

Anders encourages the class to continually beat up Joosep, and harass him in other ways as well, such as fully undressing him and then pushing him in the girls' changing room.

Yes, that is it, for sure. Thank you to the 2 respondents who recognized it.

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