Where do you get your reviews from?


Where does everyone get their reviews from?

For me, it's my friends

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Where does everyone get their reviews from?

For me, it's my friends

Movie reviews are overrated.
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I don't like reading reviews much anymore, cause I feel that a lot of critics, if they didn't like a movie they will mention why, and something particular bothered them, but then I will go into the movie looking for the same thing they mentioned.

For example Roger Ebert in his review of Die Hard, pointed out how the deputy police chief in the movie was a problem for a certain reason, but then I kept on the lookout for that character and that problem he was going to present, so I feel that can alter how you see a movie.

I get mine from Walmart.
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I read Ebert's back in the day. AO Scott is good. Mostly here now, though. I don't have too many go-to critics these days for film, specifically.

There are certain movies, directors, writers and actors that I love. When it comes to their stuff, the reviews don't matter.

Apart from that I give a quick check to RT. I don't read their reviews, just give the score a look. Especially before getting into a new series, which demands more investment of my time. Lately, they have been poor though. Metacritic is not bad. A bit harsher with their scores.

There are couple of Indian reviewers like Rajeev Masand and Mihir Fadnavis, who have similar tastes to mine on all things Indian or foreign. And they are fairly credible, which is a rarity these days. Mihir also provides quite a few recommendations on offbeat movies or series. Both are on Twitter if anyone's interested.

If you look for reviews do you get them from a site like rotten tomatoes or social media or do you not look for reviews?

I might check a site while I'm watching something to see if I'm leaning the way the critics leaned, but do I base what I watch on reviews? No.

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I know a corner where you can get some primo reviews. Not that low grade YouTube cut mess. Quality stuff, yo. But it'll cost ya. I'll hook you up.

And Wal-Mart is where u get walls. Geez.

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I read the users (not critics) reviews in IMDB and I sort them by date. I find that reviews there are fairly reasonable.
I used to read Youtube comments on trailers first but people spoiling movies there with no spoiler alerts whatsoever.

My whole process is if I'm not completely sure I want to watch a movie, I'll watch half the trailer in Youtube, If I'm still not convinced I'll read some user reviews in IMDB until I make up my mind
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If not myself, YouTube, specifically ralphthemoviemaker, Chris Stuckman (horror), YMS (Your Movie Sucks) and sometimes Nostalgia Critic.
Jeremy Jahns >>> Stuckmann because now a days stuckmann is showing his bias towards filmmakers.Jeremy jahns is always on the side of entertainment. If a movie feels entertaining then he will rate it good. If a movie didn't entertain him then he will not support it. But stuckmann makes excuses for directors he likes and somehow gives them a pass. Its very evident in the reviews for some of the weaker movies by great directors.