Movie You're Watching Tonight


Remember watching this film when it came out.

Loved the script and cinematography, the acting, the fighting, all of it.

Was a kinda of a scary film, but very entertaining and suspenseful.

wanabe movie critique
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Good old days-

King Boxer aka Five Fingers of Death. Before the weekend i had plans on watching some more Kurosawa, but got sidetracked by some Samurai films. And now a new project has emerged. It is always a good thing, when something new comes along.
Started the day with Five Deadly Venoms, end it with Five Fingers of Death.

let me know if the movie is good? my support worker wants to see it at the cinemas
I think itís fantastic, have posted about it before. So Iíd recommend.

Konga TNT is obviously intentionally bad. 18 minutes in, popping in to say that I doubt I'm gonna hate this as much as Imdb does. But I love how some of the actors almost sound like they're trying to be Jason Griffith.