Upcoming psychological thriller/horror/sci-fi films!


The trick is not minding
Three genres that I tend to look up the most, I realized, after joining this site, that there were a lot of films I missed because of the more and more common practice of ďlimited releaseĒ.

Films like Beyond the Black Rainbow, The Eyes of My Mother, Hereditary (somehow), It Follows, I am the Pretty Thing that lives in the House, The Blackcoats daughter, et allÖ.somehow all escaped my notice, which isnít a surprise since many were Netflix releases that I didnít have access to for some time.

And Iím still seeing themÖ.a lot of films that are being released to little fanfare that look interesting this past 8 months, that I would have missed if I wasnít looking up the latest film festival. Films such as In The Earth, Werewolves Within, The Night House, Chaos Walking, and even last years Sputnik, and Saint Maud, all piqued my interest.

So why not start up a thread dedicated to the following genres for future releases?

So post away about upcoming films that are soon to be released.
Notable examples are Lamb, Antlers, Last Night in Soho, Canadaís Night Raiders, Sonoís Prisoner of the Ghost land, Coming Home in the Dark, and Palme Díor winner Titane.

Any other come to mind?

The trick is not minding
Not really upcoming, as it premiered in theatres back in the Spring, but having watched this, I feel like I should share In The Earth with anyone who isnít aware of this gem. Spread the word

This little known film is getting a release the same weekend as Last Night in Soho.

Yay! At long bloody last! Iíve been dying to see this.

The trick is not minding
Yay! At long bloody last! Iíve been dying to see this.
Hopefully it shows up at a theatre near you, but even if doesnít, Iím sure itíll be available for streaming in No time. Interesting movie, to say the least.