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James Bond: Quantum of Solace (a.k.a. Bond 21)


I was disappointed with Casino Royal. However, I do think Daniel Craig is the best actor for Bond since Sean. Sean had that street detective feel as well as class. Daniel can definitely play the role tough. Roger, Tim, and Remington Steele were a bit too cheese for me. Although I think Tim did get screwed. Low budget. “Here’s your secret weapon Tim. Yeah, I know it’s a tube of toothpaste. Just pretend its explosives.” Cheap bastards!

The song sucks. It sounds like any other generic piece of radio trash. No offense.

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Honestly I can't wait for this movie. I'm a die hard, long time James Bond fan so I'll go see this regardless of reviews. The previews alone make it look like it'll be worth the wait.

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I'm still going to see it despite the disappointing reviews it's getting (so far).

Some are saying it's more Bourne than Bond, and relies far too heavily on the action. If that's true, I'm going to be very disappointed. But I'll bite back my tongue because I haven't seen it yet.

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I've seen it. Such a let down. I've typed and re-typed this post so many times now but I just don't have the energy to go into it, so for my own sanity I'll try and keep it brief.

Basically, this film's biggest problem is the story. In the sense that there's very little, and that's not in comparison to Casino Royale or Goldeneye either. There's a little bit about Vesper here and there, and a conclusion of sorts at the end, but very very little in between.

Another problem was the action. Considering this film felt like 99% action (1% story), there was nothing as exciting as the free- running chase or the airport sequence from Casino Royale. There's a lot of "shakey-camera", and everything's very brief, it doesn't feel like anything's been given room to flow properly. For example, although I didn't enjoy the car chase at the beginning of the film all that much, I would have disliked it less perhaps, if it had been allowed room to breathe. It's like they lost confidence and thought people might get bored if it went on too long. That's pretty much how I feel about the film as a whole to be honest.


...and now I'm bored of writing this review I'll try harder next time, I promise.
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Sounds as bad as Casino Royale Ash.
I disagree but you're welcome to your opinion
One thing I liked about Casino Royale was that, despite the changes they'd made to the character, or updates to the series etc, it still felt like a Bond film. Bond was still a playful, charming womaniser, he still drove an Aston Martin (although briefly), and he looked damn good in a tux. It just felt a little more up to date.

Quantum really isn't like Casino Royale, it is a very different film, "darker", "grittier" if you will. If it had a decent script it could've been a worthy sequel, just as it stands I thought it was unfinished.

and i thought casino royale was good????
this looks even better
finally, a bond film with a plot where bond is driven on revenge. well, it depends on how u put it. i guess u could (in a way) call license to kill a bond "revenge"film.

The Quantum Of Solace is good Movie but it is not good then casino.......... so from My side So.. So.. Against Casino

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One of my favourite scenes from Casino Royale is the train scene, where James and Vesper are having that really witty, intelligent conversation. It's brilliant.

Anyone else feel a bit ill through the opening chase scene? The editing was a bit...
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Anyone else feel a bit ill through the opening chase scene? The editing was a bit...
I haven't seen it yet Nice to see you Thriller
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anyone as me feels like watching Quantum of solace?
i don t know but this film with all its inconsitencies has it s moment of atmosphere, here we find daniel craig alone, more like a man on a mission to find someone, he s always chasing, looking...for trails, i have to admit quantum has it s moments
the opera spying
his chemistry with mathis
some parts i really like in this one

QoS is a curious case with recent Bond films. Very few seem to bother with its existence, I think mostly because it sits between two of the franchise's best films. But I'd say it's pretty underrated. Skyfall is far and away my favorite though.

The best thing about this film is the relationship btw bond and mathis, which has some fine moments, and bond disposing of him in the garbage can goes on to be one of the coldest scenes in bond history: " he wouldn t care", but that s about it, a muddled and confused film