The Matrix: Resurrections


I would suspect that the check for John Wick is bigger than for Neo, and it probably comes with a no shave/haircut clause.
I agree, he needed to be shaved and have a haircut, maybe they aren t showing us in the trailer, could be a distinct possibility

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I really don't think they should have brought Neo back. I hate this whole death fake out Hollywood has been doing lately, like they did with some other franchises, where you think characters are dead, but then they aren't. They just can't stick to their guns and commit.

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I honestly donít like to watch reworked films, this already turns out to be completely different from the movie that I liked

From what I hear the official premiere of the new "Matrix" will take place in December of this year. So soon we will know what is really there. I have a mixed opinion about this movie. I've seen the first parts and was thrilled. And on the one hand I'll be glad to see the sequel. But on the other hand after so many years to shoot it again. I think it's not going to be the same atmosphere. I've also heard that:
- There's a rumor that The Matrix will continue as a big-budget TV series.
- "The Matrix 4" and other WB blockbusters will be available to watch at home on Soap2Day on premiere day.
- Fans caught a nearly bald Keanu Reeves on the set of "The Matrix 4" .