Spider-Man: No Way Home


For me, Tom Holland is not Spider-Man at all and never will be.

He is an Iron Man spider-boy sidekick and battles Iron Man enemies. Sadly for me, I watched all MCU movies where he appears and expected him to become the SPIDER-MAN what he should be! And it never happens...
Now they bringing villains from old movies... not sure for what!? If they gonna bring them to finally give this Iron Man spider-boy sidekick the true shape of the Spider-Man to he finally become that - then I can say next:

I don't wanna see that old good Spider-Man villains help this pathetic iron man spidey-boy sidekick get ''some good movie'' or shape him into Spider-Man. And especially don't wanna see that Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man gets involved in that.
For me, it's just peeing on the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy! But as many actors hate their roles, but still playing them.. money does wonder! And all actors are not Jack Black to turn down roles because they don't wanna **** on prequels as for The Mask - Son of the Mask!

With Andrew's duology, diology, dilogie, Diptychs, twology... whatever it is, series, saga... they can do whatever they want - it's the almost same crap as MCU Iron Man spider-boy sidekick! But again bit better!

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Holland is the best Peter Parker. That is all.
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Could be the film to get me back to the theater. Been over a year. Crazy.

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Holland is number one by a country mile.

Maguire was just a star at the time that got picked. Garfield is a great actor, but he’s got a look/sneer that never fit.

Holland can pull off the awshucks, while being believable as overcoming something he may not believe he can, while never relenting.

Basically why they cast him as Drake

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to me i always think tobey mcguire is always better as peter parker. tom holland is okay and andrew hes kinda okay but i prefer to ey as spiderman

Despite being the only thing to watch at times, Spiderman never registered with me. I agree with Tom Holland that he is the finest. He simply exudes a natural ease that works. I admit that I haven't seen any of his Spiderman flicks, relying instead on trailers and his appearances in other Marvel films.

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I'm really looking forward to this movie, especially if they bring all 3 Spider-men (Holland, McGuire, Garfield) together.
It would be funny if they brought two Jonah Jamesons together, considering they're played by the same guy:
"I'm the real J.J.!" one shouts.
"No, I'm the real J.J.!" the other shouts back.
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