Queen of the Damned


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Okay, I don't see a topic for this, but if I'm wrong and am just missing it, my apologies! What do you guys think about this one? I want to see it, because I've heard a lot about it, and moreso because I loved this book. I find it interesting that Anne Rice seems to be more enthusiastic about this film than she was about the release of Interview With the Vampire at the time.

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I'm thinking about seeing it. I have a friend that wants to so we might end up checking it out. EW did a story on it and they didn't rip it to shreds so that might be some kind of sign for you...

No, there wasn't another thread on this so you're alright...
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i read the vampire chronicles, and they are all very good. I think this movie has potential.
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Nothing against Aaliyah - she is, in fact, the reason I am going to see it - but I don't think she'd good enough to play the First Vampire. The character was way more magnetic, powerful, scary than what I've seen her be in the previews.

It looks just this side of showy/cheesy. I hope it does well though, for Anne Rice's sake.

I'm not so into the Vampire Chronicles, I prefer the Witch series. Merrick is an exception.

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I'm not into all the Vampire stuff that much, but the movie is only getting attention from me, like thmmie said, because of Aaliyah.

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Cool. I'll probably go see it too. I'm definitely curious about Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah's performances in relation to the novel. Also, the soundtrack for this movie is incredible. If you're heavily into rock music, it's perfect.

I really want to see this movie, but I guess I'll have to wait for the video/DVD. I enjoyed the Vampire Chronicles series, and I'm really into the whole vampire fad, so this would probably suit my fancy. Aaliyah is a plus, though I had planned on watching the film before I ever heard she was in it. It's just a shame that she wasn't here to see it herself. From what I understand, she did a good job.
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The movie doesn't look very good in a trailer i saw.

And my friend said it's just, 'sad'.

So, I'm not keeping my fingers crossed!