Post 2 Facts and One Lie Game


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#1 is the Lie You are actually tall
I don't like Chicken

3. I play the drums

1. I have 4 Rabbits
2. I like Snakes
3. I like Lizards
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Correct-I don't play the drums

#1You have 4 rabbits

1. My boyfriend is older then me
2. I'm allergic to bee stings
3. I have a Long Island Accent

Level 2 : Farmer
3. I have a Long Island Accent - This one is incorrect, you have a french accent!

1. This ID is 2 people
2. I can speak slavic and english fluently
3. My girlfriend has been in 2 motorcycle accidents before

Wuv,tru wuv will forrow you forevah
Actually I do have Long Island Accent
I am not allergic to bee stings

#3 is incorrect

1. I am a only child
2. We have maids in our house
3. I was a cheerleader in Highschool

Level 2 : Farmer
I cannot speak slavic at all.

1. I live in Pennsylvania
2. I can play an instrument
3. I am going into the 12th grade this year


1. My cat had fell off a three story building before and lived.
2. I speak french
3. I am lazy.
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By the way you are correct I am going into the 10th grade

1. I have a boyfriend
2. My grandparents are from Ireland
3. My favorite school subject is Lunch


You are incorrect, I don't have a boyfriend

1. I have a cell phone
2. I am a cheerleader
3. My favorite saying is F**k Me

You are correct I hate cheerleaders

#3 is incorrect

1. My parents are divorced
2. I have a dog
3. I am a good swimmer

You are right again. How do you do that? Know so much about me.
My parents are happily together

#3 you hate Tom Cruise

1. I ride the school bus to school
2. I sleep with a stuffed piggy
3. I am not afraid of the dark

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#3 you hate Tom Cruise

3. I am not afraid of the dark
I think

1. I am a cousellor
2. I love Chick peas
3. I love Lamb chops

You are correct again

#2 you don't like chick peas(what are chick peas?)

1. I have never seen Silence Of The Lambs
2. I am going into the 10th grade
3. I have never beat up anyone

You have never seen Silence of the Lambs

- I am 6 feet tall
- I love to wear baseball caps
- I am around 220 pounds

You ready? You look ready
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1. I love taking pictures
2. I love Rabbits
3. I love Rats
You don't love rats.

1. I have a friend that makes me feel like I'm worth something.
2. I have a strong passion for Asian women.
3. I'm dating my 40 year old Government teacher.
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