Another Alien Movie Coming Soon


Been announced that a, erm, 5th?, or maybe 7th? Alien movie is in the works...
It'll be a standalone movie, not connected to the stories of the originals or the spinoffs...

Fede Alvarez... the guy behind the awful Evil Dead remake/sequel/reboot, the dreadful remake/sequel/reboot Girl In The Spider's Web, the terrible remake/sequel/reboot Don't Breathe 2, the critically panned godawful Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake/sequel/reboot that was released this year... is writing, producing and directing.

No release date yet.

No idea, apparently it'll be its own thing, not connected to the other movies at all.

wait u serious? i was hoping for another prometheus =/
They might expand on those with the TV series that's in the works.

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Blimey, no...
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I like Alvarez enough (I think Don't Breathe taps into that classic grindhouse atmosphere better than expected, and his Evil Dead remake is admirably sadistic), but he doesn't scream Alien to me. But I also like the franchise's strategy of giving entries to wildly different directors and have enjoyed all the entries (in the main series, so not AvP), so I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.