Predict What Will Happen in 2015



How are you? Haven't talked to a lot of you in awhile.

This thread is easy to figure out:


Make some psychic predictions about what's to come in 2015!

To hear my predictions (all accurate), you either need to call my hotline number (1-555-MR-ISAAC) and press *2015 (that's the star button on your dialpad followed by 2015) or you need to order my brand new 2015 Predictions book at

Make some predictions. I will keep a lookout on this thread just to see if anyone's right about anything. Perhaps one of you MoFos is really another gifted psychic like me. I will PM you if I spot anything. I'm getting a psychic feeling right now that I will. At least five people here besides me are extremely psychic.

Much love to you all in 2015!

- Isaac!

jrs, I hate to say it, but with the many temporary bans you've been getting lately, I predict you'll end up banned permanently again in 2015. Maybe. There's still a few more days of 2014 left, so possibly before 2015.

I predict you'll end up banned permanently again in 2015.
There are other things in my life that are seriously worth worrying about than being banned from a forum. But starting now I'm gonna make sure that won't happen.

wanabe movie critique
I predict we will have better movies.....and crazier weathers