Hello to everyone,
can someone out there please tell me to which movie the following scene belongs to?

US Hollywood movie in color.
Movie is most likely from the 80's or begging 90's.

Scene description:
It's a warm sunny day and a very tough African American Family is right in front of the movie camera.
The family is composed by: a husband, a wife who has a newborn in her arms and MAYBE another 1 or 2 children standing by their parents.
In this very short scene the husband is the only one who is speaking and has a very tough voice and strong attitude, the wife keep starring at the camera/main character without speaking.
He's replying MOST LIKELY to one of the main characters who cannot been seen in the scene as the movie camera has taken his point of view.
The husband says something very SIMILAR of what follows:
"...... not too long ago my wife gave birth to our last child right in there middle of the street, standing on her own two feet and as soon as she squirt him out on the asphalt, she picked him up in her arms and continued walking without ever letting out one single word, whining or crying."

PS There's absolutely no racism in such scene

Thank you for your help