How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (1971) - Nelson Pereira dos Santos

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Original Title: Como era gostoso o meu francês

This is considered a masterpiece of pioneering Cinema, due to it's strong historical Realism, with brazilian actors learning the dead native language of Tupi, alongside european portuguese of the sixteenth century settlers, and french because Rio de Janeiro was then a french settlement, because the Kingdom of France went to war with the Kingdom of Portugal, after the portuguese king Dom Sebastião died without an heir to the throne, and so the Spanish Realm anexed Portugal for a time. Therefore, France was automatically at war with Portugal, and so attacked Brazil. The french used cannibalistic warfare against the portuguese settlers, by means of the Tupi native indians, who were told to eat portuguese settlers, but to leave french settlers alone.

Another strong aspect of Realism is the fact that the actors are naked, which is historically correct, so expect nudity in my trailer.

Nelson Pereira dos Santos in 1971

This brazilian film director Nelson Pereira dos Santos, was also invited by the Soviet Union to be a juri member of the Moscow International Film Festival.

This film was initially banned in Brazil, because of the nudity, but shortly after, the censorship was lifted, with the official explanation that the portrayed nudity of the native Tupi indians, had no erotic or porno intent and the film was a sincere reenactment of Brazil in the XVI century.


This film shows a tale of the last 8 months of life of a frenchman, who will be eaten alive. This is inspired on a true story, but with some changes.

My trailer


(Realistic drawing by André Thevet, who accompanied the expedition by Nicolas Durand de Villegaignon, and met him in person.)

Cunhambebe was a leader of the Tupinambá tribe, who personally ate 60 portuguese men.

I find it funny that all the european powers were using christian faith to justify the colonialism, but the french had no moral issues with inciting the native Tupi indians to eat portuguese men, just because Spain was at war with France, and the spanish king Felipe took over Portugal... how christian is that?

Note: When I have the time and inspiration, I will make a followup post, with more comments on this film.

The real tragedy is your expose and it's oh so tired message. They are going to eat you too, tasteless little Joshua. Drop your books and go see the wold for yourself!