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The Gazebo from the Sound of Music in Salzburg...


The Gazebo from the Sound of Music in Salzburg...

I love this film! I love the scene where the eldest daughter is dancing along the benches in the gazebo, look closely and you'll see one of her feet bandaged up, her foot got cut badly during this scene.

I have been to Sri Racha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya, Bangkok of which the tigers were used in the movie Two Brothers released in 2004. I must tell everyone to visit this place one.

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The Deer Hunter (Kanchanaburi, Thailand) which is interesting, because I was staying on the River KWEI, where the actual movie cheated and used Sri Lanka.

When I was in SF, I noticed the scenes in Bullitt, and many other movies made in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, just can't remember them 20 minutes after waking up

Did they use that castle for scenes from Outlander too? Looks familiar.

I used to have a picture of me playing dead at the bottom of the Exorcist stairs in Georgetown but cant find it anymore.
Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...

1-venini glass from Moonraker, still there same as it was in the film, but ofc there is no backdoor into glass factory lol
2-nice hotel and beaches, from To catch a thief, amazing place
3-the golden gate bridge cliffside,from Vertigo.
4-gas company tower, LA downtown, from "Speed".
5-Empire State building, from "sleepless in seattle " and many other films.
6-james bond island "from The man with the golden gun".
7-the closed island, PEE PEE island of "The beach".

Well, they shot The Dark Knight Rises here, so I've walked on pretty much all of the sidewalks you'll see in those downtown car chase sequences.

There's a scene in The Mothman Prophecies where Richard Gere's walking across the street with a big cathedral behind him that I used to worship at regularly.

I also live (like, the actual neighborhood) where they shot Out of the Furnace.

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I wasn't actually inside but I stood outside of the building that was used as the exterior, to the villain's base of operations in The 6th Day (2000).

I live in Cleethorpes,
They filmed a movie called pleasure island on our sea front. Feels weird they filmed a movie there.