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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
For a while I've been thinking of creating a new thread for all the favourite movie lists on the site; the old thread was getting a bit cluttererd. So I asked Yoda and got the thumbs up. Quite a basic layout just now, may look at altering it sometime in the future.

Oh and even though she hasn't been around for a long while I'd still like to throw out a thank you to Caitlyn for compiling the original list.

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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave

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Horror Film Lists

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Country/Region Specific Lists

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Best of the Year Lists

Character & Actor/Actress Based Lists

Worst Films Lists

Assorted Lists

The lists of liam 5000, Aniko, LordSlaytan, quiball, Tolstoy, linespalsy, Sedai, bluebottle and SugarVomit -
Liam 5000 (and others)

The lists of L. B. Jeffries, mercurdius, liam500, Karl Childers, jaidiar, LordSlaytan, OptimalDelusion, Aniko, linespalsy,
My Top 100 list & Tell Me Yours

Unfinished/Abandoned Lists

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These Filthy Hands - These Filthy Hands: Top 100


Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Oh yeah and if I've missed out any lists let me know. Planning on going through the board myself again to check for any that may have been missed over the years.

Thanks to donniedarko for pointing out that the worst movie lists from TheUsualSuspect and Iroquois were MIA.

EDIT - Also added a Best of the Year Lists section for Brodinski, TylderDurden99 etc. Found a few more unfinished lists - Cries&Whispers, filmgirlinterrupted etc. Added Rodent's best of the genres list and Ludinator's worst movies list. Oh and added Sexy's new list which has just popped up

Good job, JayDee!

There's also the forum-wide Top 100 Horror movies list from 2010. It can be found in this thread, 100 Years... 100 Horror Movies, but the actual list is on page 19, if you just want to link to that.
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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Ok I've gone through all 97 pages of this particular board and think I've pretty much managed to find all the pertinent lists. I've added a Time Specific Lists section (Daniel M, Tyler1, Stevo3001, michaelcorleone), updated the Top Films lists (martyrofdevil, michaelcorleone, adepter, LuDiNaToR, TylerDurden99, Tyler1, Vertican Gunn) and found another few unfinished lists (L.B. Jeffries, Gunny's Noir list and Classicqueen13's thrillers/mystery list)

So hopefully everyone can have fun looking through all the lists now

Good job, JayDee!

There's also the forum-wide Top 100 Horror movies list from 2010. It can be found in this thread, 100 Years... 100 Horror Movies, but the actual list is on page 19, if you just want to link to that.
Thanks Sinny. Hadn't thought to go and look for that one.

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Thanks Daniel. Now that I've done it will need to go back through all the lists. Did it back when I first signed up to the board and found them very entertaining.

It also made me realise just how many of the board's major players haven't done a list. After Honeykid finally gave in to all the pestering we've still got the likes of Brodinski, Holden Pike, wintertriangles, Sedai etc. Hell we don't even have a list from the main man, Yoda.

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Thanks everyone. Nice to see the appreciation. Oh and thanks to Yoda for stickying the thread as important.

Thanks Sinny. Once again I am in your debt. I wondered how I could have missed it but then realised it wasn't on the movie reviews board. Not sure if I can be bothered going through all 186 pages of that board as well!

Man, that must have taken some time. I will certainly appreciate it. I'm gonna start wading through them.
You certainly should. They make for some really entertaining reading, and helped introduce me to a number of films. As I said I'm going to go through them myself again sometime soon. Perhaps we (the board) could go through them one at a time, bump them up for newer members to discuss. Might I suggest we start with mine.

EDIT - Added another assorted list and a new category - Character Based Lists. Features lists from Rodent, HitchFan97 and LuDiNaToR. Also found a top films list from Darkrose.

Not going to go through the movie discussion board page by page but did a few searches with key phrases (favorite, 100, top, best etc) and found a bunch of possibles. Will check them out over time, see if any work for the lists.

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Just a little update to the lists. I've added the favourite films lists of Skepsis, Camo and TheDavePhan. Also added jiraffejustin's horror films of the 80s list.

I know there are loads of lists just now, just concentrated on the completed ones so far. Been impossible to try and keep up with the deluge of lists of late. In fact if you're reading this Yoda I think there should be some new rules, such as needing to apply for a permit to post a top 100 list or start a reviews thread. There's just too damn many just now!

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Good to see I am now on the list. I feel accomplished!
Your avatar makes me want to take a look at your list!