Happy Birthday, mark f!


Happy birthday mark. I love you, even though I've haven't met you. What do you think mofo? One of the top mofoers of all time? I think so.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Hope you have a whoppin' good time!

All hail the reigning Monarch of Movie Binge and Film Knowledge!

I'm not nice. I'm mean. Deal with it.

Belated Happy Birthday!

Belated Happy Birthday!
Same from me Mark!!!
I’m here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. That’s why I’m here now.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
The birthday man gets a birthday! Happy bday, oh great MOFO sage, and thanks for keeping slackers like me in the know of what's what.

That elusive hide-and-seek cow is at it again
Thanks. You know my birthday was Feb 1.
ok. good time to mention this I guess. that one post I made in the Mark F thread? something like, "I'm sure there's some context I'm missing here... but I love the thread!" post? well. yeah. there was some missing context. when I saw the thread listed in the Now Playing list of MOFO, I clicked it and only noticed the last page. This was just Yoda's one post. I read that unaware that there were 15 MORE pages that had come before his reply. I actually thought he just randomly made a Mark F thread and posted that one comment for whatever reasons that would make sense to a Yoda at the time. It wasn't until maybe two days ago that I realized that the thread was years old already.

And here I am, posting so blissfully ignorant in yet another Mark F thread!!

"My Dionne Warwick understanding of your dream indicates that you are ambivalent on how you want life to eventually screw you." - Joel

"Ever try to forcibly pin down a house cat? It's not easy." - Captain Steel

"I just can't get pass sticking a finger up a dog's butt." - John Dumbear

Happy way belated birthday mark f! I'm not even eight months and change late. I'm four months early!