Backrooms-like mansion, present women falls in love with WWII soldier


Hello, I thought it would be easy to find this movie, but I wasn't able to do so!

It is a 2000s or 2010s horror movie, set in the present. Not very good, but not the worst. It is set in Western or Southern Europe, I think.

The main character is a woman, 20s to early 40s, brunette. She visits in an abandoned Victorian mansion (I say Victorian because of its style and construction year, but I don’t think it is set in Britain). She visits it because she inherited it from a mysterious elder man she had never heard of before. Once inside the mansion, she cannot get out.

The house recalls that Backrooms creepy pasta. There are infinite rooms, like a labyrinth. It preys unaware, regular people, who cannot get out of there. The rooms are almost empty. Mysterious monsters haunt the hallways. The walls are not yellow though: they have a muted, dark palette (old arabesque wallpapers, I think).

The monsters have animal heads and make satanic rituals.

At some point, the woman finds another person in the mansion. He is a WWII soldier who hid in the house during a combat, and got stuck in there (WWI, WWII, Spanish civil war, not sure). He tells he was trapped in there for months: considering that the woman is from the present, that means that they are from different times. I guess the time passes at a different rate in there.

Soon, the woman and the soldier fall in love (during a horror experience at a haunted house?!?!? Ok, I am not here to criticize the plot).

The couple manages to escape the mansion. However, each of them returns to their own time. The woman finds a letter and discovers she inherited the house from the soldier! After getting out of the mansion (and after the war ends), he buys the house. When he dies of old age in the 2000s, he passes the house to the woman.

That’s it. I guess this mustn’t be a hard one. Thanks in advance.

I haven't seen this movie, and I know nothing about it, but it came up in a Google search using a bunch of keywords from your question.

BEYOND THE WALLS (2016) - French mini-series that was released as a movie

This is a site that has a summary of Beyond the Walls. It sounds similar to your summary, but this site doesn't tell the ending.

This is the IMDB page for it:

Lisa inherits an abandoned house from an unknown benefactor. On her first night in the house, after hearing noises, she knocks a hole in the wall and crawls through to discover an inescapable, infinite, labyrinthine "house."

And this is the Wikipedia page for it:

A lonely young woman, Lisa, moves into an apartment opposite an empty house. Soon afterwards, police discover the body of a man which has been sitting in an armchair inside the empty house for 30 years. Although Lisa does not know the dead man, he left her the house in his will. She moves in. At night she hears anguished cries from behind the walls. Investigating further, she becomes trapped in an eerie realm of hallways, rooms, forests and monsters. She meets a young man, Julien, who has been wandering this realm for years, and together they attempt to escape.

The Wikipedia page also says "Viewed in succession, the episodes are about the length of a feature movie, and so have also been screened at film festivals.", so even though it's a mini-series, you might have seen it as a movie.
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