Two major legends in the stunt world, David Lea and Gene LeBell, have passed. Lea was best known as a trainer to the stars and was Michael Keaton's fight double in 1989's Batman and 1992's Batman Forever. He was seen in films like Ring of Fire and The Crow: Salvation where he lost to the titular new Crow, Eric Mabius (who Lea trained for the film) and appeared on Family Matters as the bar thug leader who faces Steve Urkel's first appearance as Bruce Lee-kel. He was 67.

The second, Gene LeBell, is one of the most respected experts of the martial arts style of Judo. In fact, he was known in circles as "Judo" Gene LeBell. You may recognize him as the referee in "Kickboxer 2" or as the cab driver who confronts Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the 1st "Rush Hour". He also played the ring announcer of Jake LaMotta's first fight in "Raging Bull". He was 89.

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