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Never heard Withnail & I and only vaguely know there is something named Evil Dead.


Movies seen: 2/8
My list: 0/25
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Haven't seen Withnail & I. As for Evil Dead II, I saw it about a year or two ago, and I wasn't a fan. Seems like there's something about Raimi's horror/comedy tone that doesn't jive with me, cause I felt the same about the first one and Drag Me to Hell.
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Getting here a bit late, I've seen all of these, but only one film on my list so far, #98, The Lady Eve, a brilliant and charming Sturges I strongly recommend.

I adore Sullivan's Travels and Fargo, but neither is a pure comedy, and while I still had some of those on my ballot, both auteur(s) had pure comedies I adore as well (and too many choices!), so I went with them.

South Park is a terrific movie and a very tough cut for me. The others are all quality; happy to see Withnail, even if it didn't make my list. Oddly, I only watched Home Alone for the first time a few months ago(!) Good movie, but was never under my consideration.

I have not seen Withnail & I or Evil Dead 2 only saw some of the first one, I was wondering when the 80's movies were gonna show up lol
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Two votes. Finally getting some picks of mine on the list and of course a lot of people are like "huh"? Withnail & I was my #5, exactly the kind of idiosyncratically verbose comedy of errors that is very much my jam, generally hard to quote out of context but in context an absurd tale of a friendship dying amidst an ill-fated attempt at rejuvenation (about the only thing I'd say hasn't aged well is how much it leans on gay panic in the form of Withnail's Uncle Monty, though it's arguably mitigated by how the film ultimately regards him as a tragic figure). Evil Dead II was my #3, virtually as perfect a mix of slapstick and verbal sparring and genre-bending as one could ever hope to ask for.
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Evil dead should have been on my list but I completely forgot about it.

Seen 6/8.
Haven’t seen The Lady Eve or With Nail and I yet.

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Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and Marwood ["I"] (Paul McGann) are out-of-work actors eking it out in 1969 London, but they're really at their wit's ends. They've run out of booze (well, at least "legit" booze), and there seems to be some vicious animal living in their messy sink. Besides that, it never stops raining and Withnail seems to be getting quite ill, so what better way to find some rest and free booze than to go stay at the country cottage of Withnail's obliging Uncle Monty (Richard Griffiths). If only poor Marwood knew what that S.O.B. Withnail told his uncle to secure the cottage for the weekend, he would never have gone along with the idea. Withnail & I is a cult comedy which has plenty of laughs, most of them provided by Grant's obsession on how to get the next drink and the next buzz. Ralph Brown also gets some mileage as a drug dealer who seriously likes to advertise the greatness of his product, and Griffiths is quite amusing, especially when he tries to seductively corner Marwood when he makes a "surprise" visit to the cottage. However, when it gets right down to it, Paul McGann anchors the flick as the seemingly-sanest person, even getting to say, "A coward you are, Withnail. An expert on bulls you are not."

Evil Dead II is solid and the best of that series. Certainly hilarious in parts while gross and borderline incomprehensible in others. I give both
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Withnail & I gets short shrift around here for some reason; perhaps it's just too British. I think it's a classic, always amusing and endlessly quotable. Perhaps a little is the nostalgia factor - it was popular amongst my group of friends when we were younger, and that was a good few years after it came out. The sort of bickering comedy between the two main characters in Withnail is exactly the sort of thing that appeals to me. Withnail is, of course, an absolute tit, but a hilarious one. The lighter fluid scene! Danny is great too ("If I medicined you, you'd think a brain tumour was a birthday present."). The soundtrack. And the bittersweet sort of ending.

Anyway, I love it and it was my #1

Yeah, Evil Dead II would have made my list. Two 1987 movies made it in the same pair but I'm not familiar with Withnail and I yet.

Thing is, if there is a single actor who can CONVINCE people that his hand is possessed and trying to kill him, it's Bruce Campbell. It's not a scary as the first one, but for good reason.

Seen 6/8.

Four more films that I have seen and think deserve a place on this list.

Home Alone is a Christmas classic with enough good qualities to make it a quintessential film for its kind. No where near consideration for my list but I have no qualms with it appearing low down. If I ask myself in my head "how many funny moments/scenes does this film have that make me laugh out loud?" I can immediately recall a few which is certainly a good thing.

I watched the Austin Powers trilogy for the first time last week. I was hungover and wanted something easy to watch, having just rewatched a few Bond films I stuck this on as I think it was suggested on Prime. The first film was definitely my favourite, I wasn't much of a fan of the sequels. I can only echo what's already been said about Elizabeth Hurley, she's absolutely gorgeous and her affectionate side shines through in an emotional plot that although ridiculous makes sense and works. In the second film the romantic elements are reduced more to being silly rather than having a decent story of some kind, and I say that as someone who loves Heather Graham.

I was slightly lukewarm on Withnail & I when I first watched it and I think in terms of cinematic inventiveness there are a lot better films out there, but that perhaps sounds harsh. I rewatched it recently and enjoyed it a lot more, it's a film that relies on its unique script with lots of well-written, amusing moments. I got back to it because a coworker kept quoting it an talking about it, and I'm glad I did.

It's been a while since I watched Evil Dead II but I remember enjoying it more than the first (as I recall, it's pretty much a remake, right?). Lots of fun, great practical effects, a really important film for its genre. There's something about Sam Raimi's films that are endearing and warm in their enthusiasm, it's no surprise that him and the Coens get on so well.

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I wasn't sure if I had seen Evil Dead 2 or not, so I bought the dvd used today and (re?)watched it. I enjoyed it and thought it was pretty fun and entertaining. I saw Withnail & I a while back and didn't care for it, finding it boring and unfunny.

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Seen 5/8

None from my list yet!

Super busy today, so not much else to add...Will check back in tomorrow.
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I am surprised at the lack of love for Withnail and I. I found it hilarious and it had a great soundtrack. It wasn't on my list but I think it should've been. I remember seeing one of the Evil Dead movies that was hilarious. I don't know if it was Evil Dead !! but I am guessing it may have been. Bruce Campbell was wonderful. It was not on my list either

Interesting pair of movies. I like them both but they're not really my bag, baby. I get it and understand why their fans love both of them. Both unique in their own genre worlds so happy to see them here.
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Interesting. I'm guessing the need to pick an order is coming from forum preference?
Probably? Tie-breaking has always been the way it was done for forum-wide countdowns, at least as far as I can recall, for all of the like 13 years I've been here. I personally don't see any reason to allow ties so even if there was a precedent for it, I would've found a way to break them with the countdown I hosted.

P.S. if my previous post was unclear, as Holden pointed out, numerical ties are first broken by number of votes, then by the highest single vote if the vote numbers are equal. I totally misread the part about you not being sure if vote numbers mattered in tie-breaking.

I guess the one thing that's fascinating me the most is seeing Home Alone referred to as a Christmas classic. I wonder if it's an age thing, or if maybe it's an effect of not having younger siblings, but of the contemporary Christmas hits of my youth, Scrooged, Home Alone, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story (I think those are the four, with the last last one being more of a TV viewing. For some reason, I never saw Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, as far as I remember), Home Alone was the one I aged out the fastest, never felt any need to re-watch as a teenager, and when visiting family (again, no kids in the family), never felt the desire to revisit as part of a nostalgia watch.

Fwiw, I did see Home Alone in theaters and was probably close to the upper age range of its target demographic. I recall seeing Home Alone 2 in theaters and I think that's when I aged out of it (sequels help with that, I suppose).

Side note, as an adult, apparently I don't laugh at any of the National Lampoon movies anymore. Scrooged was... still passable (though nothing to the level that was the laugh riot when I was 8). And appropriately, A Christmas Story is still able to be a nostalgia-watch movie if someone else wants to put it on.

But Home Alone, a non-entity in my mind. I think I became aware a few years ago, apparently 90's kids really love it (I'd say people about 5 years younger than me).

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I like Home Alone a lot, but it didn't make my top 25. It's a fun Christmas movie.
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I’ve seen Withnail and I...I don’t think that movie was meant for me.

Evil Dead II is the first of my list to make the countdown. I love the whole trilogy and 2 is my favorite. The scene where everything is laughing at him and he mimics the lamp always gets me.

If you’re a fan of that trilogy and haven’t watched Ash vs Evil Dead, what are you even doing with your life?