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Last year for Jab's Movie Challenge, I got about 15 minutes into The Lady Eve, got called away, and Need to finish someday. LOVE Stanwyck and Fonda so enjoyed the talk and the videos regarding Sturges.

I was a fan of South Park from its inception, for me, was seeing it during one of an annual movie theater Special Run; Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Videos. ([email protected] hilarious sh#t, those). Loved seeing Kenny die. Good Times. While it's been ages, I remember laughing my ass off at BASEketball (1998). (May have to consider that one). Any soup,
um, favorite song? "Uncle [email protected]" of course.

And let's be honest, they just don't write wholesome songs like this anymore.
Sad, really.

Don't care for much of anything soon after that and since. I got really tired of the Eric Cartman Show and pretty much tuned out.

Still laughed rewatching "Uncle [email protected]" just now. So.

Watched: 3 out of 4 (75%)
25. Megamind (2010) One Pointer

One Pointers: 18 out of 42 (40.47%)
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Weekend at Bernie's was mine, at #25.
The climax is one of the most creative, and funny, things I've ever seen in a movie. Bernie also reminds me a lot of Tony Stark.... when he's alive, that is.
I saw this when it came out and remember absolutely nothing about it, but the guy played the bratty kid (and who is now a director) is now married to an old friend from work (she moved out to LA after they got married, of course). Nice fella.

11 Foreign Language movies to go
Preston Sturges huh. You know, I learn more on this forum in a week than I'd learn out in the wild in a year.
My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

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Just finished Sullivan's Travels as a double feature with The Lady Eve. The story is brilliant IMO, and the humor unfortunately falls slightly second to it, but not by much. 96. This is one of my favorite "stories" written for cinema.

Now I;m gonna finish my long and arduous review of Tetro. I;m noticing constant new connections on the second watch.

You all might want to check out more of Preston Sturges films, two more greats are The Palm Beach Story and The Miracle of Morgan's Creek and I might want to check out more of his lesser known works myself.
I never check out a new director without getting through a few more of his movies. I';m fully prepared to watch plenty of Preston Sturges just like I did concerning John Sturges last month.

I watched a lot of movies while preparing to make my list for this countdown, but I never even considered watching Fargo for two reasons.

The first reason is that I had no idea that it was even considered to be a comedy. I thought it was a murder mystery.

The second reason is that I heard something about a gory wood chipper scene that made it sound like it probably wasn't my type of movie.
I'd say that scene is more disturbing than gory (the actual violence in the scene also lasts less than a minute long). The rest of the violence in the film is pretty standard for the genre.

Thanks for the info. I probably won't seek out the movie anytime soon, but at least I don't have to keep avoiding it anymore.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

I never check out a new director without getting through a few more of his movies. I';m fully prepared to watch plenty of Preston Sturges just like I did concerning John Sturges last month.
Oh cool that you checked out John Sturges' films, did you see his movie Marooned (1969)?

Oh cool that you checked out John Sturges' films, did you see his movie Marooned (1969)?
Oh, boy. Yes I did. I watched the whole damn thing because I heard half of it was cut out of the MST3K episode.

The Lady Eve is another great movie that just missed my list because there were funnier movies in the way. I'm glad to see that some of these classic movies are making the countdown.

I'm not a fan of the South Park TV show, but I vaguely remember watching the South Park movie a few years ago for some reason here, either a HoF or a movie tournament, because I remember being surprised that it was a musical. I don't remember much about it, but I don't think I liked it.

Victim of The Night
I'd forgotten, The Lady Eve, even though I really didn't love Fonda in this was a movie I wrote a paper about my freshman year in college (in 1990) at University of Southern California, and it inspired me to write my final essay, which had to be like a freakin' small book, on "The Death Of Screwball" (how the Screwball Comedy declined in popularity and almost entirely disappeared). I could choose anything we had covered in The History Of American Film 1925-1950 (4 credits) and that's what I came up with, pretty much entirely because of Barbara Stanwyck's performance. And because of all that, I seriously considered it for my list, as I did with a couple of other Screwballs I had to cut, but that one particularly hurt.
So for that movie to come in at No.100 means we're in for probably a very good and also a very interesting list.

11 Foreign Language movies to go
Seeing as it was Preston Sturges I watched The Lady Eve today, and I'll probably check out some of the other Sturges films mentioned here. I'm starting to get into the groove of that particular style, and I'm enjoying it. I'm surprised Jean's fear of snakes, and Pike's love for them, didn't feature somewhere in the film's climax (of sorts). I was expecting it to bring 'Lady Eve' undone. Good though.

Anyway, that makes 4/4 for me now.

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I loved the South Park movie so much when I was young. Watched it over and over and never got tired of it. Then one day I rewatched it and... surprisingly wasn't as into it. I still found it good, but for some reason it didn't live up to my childhood memories. Maybe something was off with me that day, but some time I'll give it another watch.

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No votes. I watched The Lady Eve last year and remember thinking it was fine, which is all I can remember about it. I liked South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut enough to rank it on the 2013 edition of my top 100 movies but I haven't seen it since at least before I made that list - if you've been following the 2022 version closely enough, it's fairly safe to assume that it won't make the list a second time.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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Small request. Can we link the movies on the first page for the list. Makes it a bit easier finding them in the chaos that are these countdown threads.
Yes, linking the titles on the first page with their reveal posts would be great.
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63 points, 6 lists
Home Alone

Chris Columbus, 1990


Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard


64 points, 6 lists
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Jay Roach, 1997


Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Mimi Rogers


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Seen both and liked both, but voted for neither.

Pesci deliberately avoided Culkin on set to make Culkin think he was mean IMDB

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Home alone is a good kids movie, would never vote for it in something like this though, as it's not really funny. The Austin Power films are quite amusing but nowhere near my list.

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