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Victim of The Night
The only criteria I set for my list was "Does it feature Rob Schneider?"

A surprisingly great start!

I have movies by these filmmakers on my list, but neither of these titles. Preston Sturges and The Coen Brothers are cinematic geniuses and any comedy list worth a good goshdamn should contain their works. If these are the only two titles of theirs that make it that would be sad, but I worry less about placement in these kinds of lists and more about inclusion.

Great start. Now bring on the garbage, I expect. Or continue to surprise...
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I know a co-worker said they recently upgraded their phone and certain navigation things had changed (something I'd have associated more with the OS than the hardware).

Fargo was #14 on the MoFo Top 100 of the '90s List and #60 on the original MoFo Top 100. Sullivan's Travels was #68 on the MoFo Top 100 of the 1940s List.

11 Foreign Language movies to go
I watched Sullivan's Travels this afternoon, hoping that the next few reveals will keep me at 100% 'seen it' level, and out of general curiosity. I can't help but notice most of the people I follow on letterboxd have it as 5/5, so that kind of complicates how easily I just let it come and go as a "heh - yeah that was okay" comedy. The tone kept on shifting into pretty serious areas, which was ironic as the message of the film was, "c'mon, just be silly and make 'em laugh - that's one of the really great things you can aspire to". I have to also add that I had a feeling...

WARNING: spoilers below
...Sullivan would get attacked while handing out free money in a dodgy part of town alone. I'm surprised he didn't realise that would happen.

Anyway, the part where he gets into that kid's little racing car and makes his busload of worrying entourage fly everywhere in the frantic pace to keep up pretty hilarious. It was a high point. But the film does keep getting awfully solemn and serious pretty often. It's hard to keep things light while hanging out with background characters that are desperate and unfortunate.

Anyway - what's most important : seen 2/2
My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

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Well Fargo is funnier than Seven Samurai but I have it at #74 on my Crime list..

Seen: 1/2

Ballot: 0/25

For the first time on a countdown I'm actually pretty confident my entire ballot will show up.

Predictions for today:

99. The Royal Tenenbaums
97. The Hot Rock

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The truth is in here
If these are the only two titles of theirs that make it that would be sad
If The Big Lebowski doesn't appear at some point that would be very surprising.

Just got a new phone so it's difficult to navigate for me, but this was in mobile view. Maybe it depends on type of phone? No idea
I'll reply further via PM if necessary, didn't/don't want to clog up the countdown with tech support. Short version is that you're actually looking at the desktop style there. If you want mobile there's an option in your profile. It's possible your phone has something called "mobile view" that does something else unrelated to the styling here, which usually auto-detects but can only 100% reliably be controlled through that profile option.

61 points, 5 lists
The Lady Eve

Preston Sturges, 1941


Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda, Charles Coburn, Eugene Pallette


61 points, 6 lists
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Trey Parker, 1999


Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman, Isaac Hayes


I thought South Park would be higher even if I'm not a big fan. It is funny though.

The Lady Eve is a nice surprise, I liked that one.

One that might have been in contention for a spot on my ballot (The Lady Eve), not seen it in a while so after a chat with 'her indoors' that's this evenings entertainment sorted, - happy to see it make the 'grade' ... and one that I've never seen (South Park:...) as I never bothered with the tv series.

Seen: 2/4
My Ballot: what ballot?

Have seen so far: 2 - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - Not a fan of south park but this was a funny movie
Have not seen so far: 2
My 30 Favorite 80's Movies

My 30 Favorite 90's Movies


Speaking of actresses who were pregnant while filming, Francis McDormand was visibly pregnant throughout the filming of Fargo. She went through with the filming because of contracts and other consequences of not filming. The Coen's had to adjust the story around the fact that Frances was pregnant.
Don't know where you pulled that info from but it is incorrect. Marge was always scripted as pregnant and McDormand was not actually pregnant while filming.

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Please Quote/Tag Or I'll Miss Your Responses
In "Seven Samurai", there's this hilarious scene. Takashi Shimura is the ronin - the elder samurai, wise, and leader of the clan. He tells the other younger guys how to test a samurai. The ronin stands to the side of the door, and says you can tell a true samurai when he enters. If he's aware, he won't just walk into danger and get clobbered during his entrance, since they have been hired to take on a hard mission, with most unwilling to help.

Toshiro Mifune wants to be part of the clan. One of the samurai who is in the group of six (they want seven, but are short on time) sees Mifune fight and tells the ronin,

"Hey, I just found a real tough samurai. There was a huge fight. They were no match for him. Never seen anything like it. He's like a wild dog. He's on his way. Shall we give him the usual (the door test)"

A guy gets ready for "the test". Someone cries out, "That's a dirty trick..... He's drunk".
The ronin replies stoically, "A true samurai won't get hit."
The concerned samurai isn't convinced, "But this guy's drunk!"
"A samurai never drinks enough to dull his wits." says the ronin

Mifune enters, and CLOCK! So much for a true samurai

"Who hit me?"

Mifune then sees the ronin. "I see that bald head of yours in my dreams! How dare you say I'm not a real samurai I may look like hell, but I'm a real samurai! Look at this! This is my family tree. All my ancestors are here. My honorable self is right here."

The ronin asks, "So this Kikuchiyo here would be you?"
"That is correct" replies Mifune
The ronin smiles, ""Kikuchiyo, born February 17, 1574."
"What's so damned funny?"
"You hardly look 13 years old to me. If you are in fact the Kikuchiyo listed here, you'd now be precisely 13 years old.

Everyone realizes the ruse, Mifune gets angry and wants to fight. And the others are still laughing, and want to tease him, luring him into some friendly fighting, calling him "Thirteen" as if it were his name, and other pejoratives associated with this bullshitty "I come from a long line of samurai family" scrolls (yet, he can't even stand up straight!)

"******* it, you son of a bitch!
"What's wrong, teenager? Here you are."

"What's wrong, Lord Kikuchiyo?"
"What's the matter, junior?"

Before Mifune passes out from being too drunk, he utters, "Screw samurai!"
- Is he really a samurai?
- In his own mind, anyway.

(The next scene is pretty amazing, too.. but for completely different reasons)

I've seen The Lady Eve. It's pretty good, but I've seen better screwball comedies. The first half is excellent and has a few standout scenes like the card game, but in the second half, Fonda's character seems like such a buffoon that you begin to think that Stanwyck's character would be better off without him. It's still quite good though.

Haven't seen the South Park movie.

For those on mobile and are switching over to desktop view, the reveals are after Yoda's tech support post.
Just for the short term:
98: The Lady Eve
97: South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut

ETA: So the previous page.

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