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starring: John Travolta,James Gadolfini,Scoot Caan,Laura ,Jared Leto and Salma Hayek

This movie is called either Lonely Hearts or Lonely Heart Killers,depending on what country you live in-the movie itself is sadly the same everywhere though.
I`ve tried to watch this movie several times,i bought it some years ago cos but never managed to finish it,but i did last night-hoping it would prove me wrong.
Despite this being the story of serial killers Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck,who killed up to 20 people after meeting them trough dating ads,this movie is surprisingly dull.
Its got all the wrong moves the black dahlia had,which is another one i never finished.
The movie comes across as a bit of a direct to tv movie,it looks nice but theres nothing really to it,nothing that pulls you in. Despite this being a "great" story on its own,they choose to give most of the screentime to the cop working to catch them,played by John Travolta-who has his own personal demons,something they again just tap into without really bothering to follow through on.

The real story here is Martha and Ray,played by Jared and Salma.
now theres some flaws here aswell,the moviemaker never really makes it interesting and skips about 99% of what went on with them.they have of course taken some liberties aswell,Martha was in real life so big they couldnt even fit her into the electric chair and in the movie she looks like this:

because what would the use of woman be if she isnt skinny and hot?

I didnt feel any connection to any of the characters,not the ones you were supposed to like and not the ones you were supposed to hate,there was no tension,no build up,no atmosphere,no nothing.
theres one good scene between jared and salma near the end and thats basically it.

waste of a good story,waste of a good cast,waste of time really.

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genre: Horror
possible spoilers

Flipped through Netflix and landed on this-Keanu Reeves? Must have something to it I thought.

It starts of with a weird looking Keanu doing a creepy monster monologue to his kids and wife. Wife and kids then go for a holiday and leaves dad home alone.At night two young looking girls knock on his door saying the taxi brought them to the wrong place and they forgot their phone and money,so he lets them in.
one thing leads to another and hey,all of a sudden theres a threesome going on despite dads pleads (?)
both of them giving a bl*wjob to the same dude at the same time whilst managing to speak to him simutaniously must be difficult so kudos on that. morning after he wakes up and gone are the hot chicks from last night,now theres just two annoying kids with no make up,no manners,trying too hard to potray the difference from last night by smearing food all over,drinking from the cartons etc eetc with valguar behaviour

oversexualized women begging for sex then turn out to be phycotic slobs?sounds familiar? yup its basically hostel.looked it up-yup made by Eli Roth.and yup its ****e.

used up storyline,copying himself,bad acting.

I have to return some videotapes...
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) -

Incredible production on this film, really impressed with the special effects and the characters. Storytelling is good, but relies on some McGuffin's to move the story along. Not very good acting other than the kids, but whatever... it's fun.
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Autumn Sonata - 8.5/10

Great movie. I love when you can see how a person feels, and see how they say they feel. A mother tells her daughter something, tells her agent something, but also talks aloud, which is perfect for the viewer. Or when a character spies when she is being talked about. The people doing the talking don't know, so there's a certain advantage. I love a movie that doesn't leave you in the dust.

One of Bergman's best scripts. First viewing, has to be a Top 5 of his.

EDIT: I didn't know that was Ingrid Bergman! Bergman directed by Bergman, was curious if that ever happened. Ingrid was beautiful then, too. I even paused it, daydreaming and writing a story how she'd by my sugar mama

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oversexualized women begging for sex then turn out to be phycotic slobs?sounds familiar?
Sounds like my dream, only that in my dream the women are Asian and they don't turn out to be psychotic slobs. Instead they turn out to have tentacles and play with each other completely leaving me out. Then, I'm in a car and I'm driving from Macau to Hong Kong. There are some other brothers with me in the car and then I'm going like 300 km/h in the city limits and I crash and the car flips and what not and I fall out of the car with that GTA IV animation and then I wake up with the most WTF feeling ever since I dreamed of Setsuko Hara's pubes.
In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

Fire in the Sky (1993)
++ Saw a review in Miss Vicky's Resident Bitch Log (THANKS CAMO FOR TELLING ME HOW TO DO THE LINK), solid movie regarding alien abduction that focused on the impact on the town, the friends and the one abducted; based on true events.

Vengeance is Mine (Japan 1979)
A rather demoralized film chronicling a murder/thief on the lam from the police. This was a bit harsh to watch for me but done very well.

(REWATCH) Captain America; the First Avenger
Could be that I was always a fan of Captain America comics as a kid but I think this is one of my favorite origin movies for Marvel.

(A MORE COMPLETE REWATCH) Captain America and the Winter Soldier
The first time I watched this I slept through a huge part of it. This time, following up on the first, I got to enjoy this one. Loved Robert Redford, but hell, the man plays this role in his sleep from so many past films.

Saw a review in Miss Vicky's Resident Bitch Log (I'd put a link, but idiot moi unsure how)
Just copy and paste the timestamp. Under the it says 10 minutes ago or 4 days ago or whatever, just copy and paste that.

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping -

Not especially great, but had its fair share of laughs.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Rumble in the Bronx 7/10
Street Kings 7.5/10

Well as you know from our personal conversations (btw everyone, we are constantly talking about all of you behind your backs. Camo, you should hear what she says about you!)
You should hear the things I say about him.