Who else is anticipating BLACK WIDOW?


I'm not that interested. There have been so many superhero movies from Marvel I am really Marveled out at this point. Not that it will definitely bad necessarily, just Marveled out, and feel it's been there, done that now.

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Yeah, well...well...This one has fat Hopper and FloPugh. That's good enough for me.

No seriously. Those are the only 2 reasons I would go.

Yes,it should be good!


The villain reminds me of this

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Just want to add my two cents here. Yes, can't wait.
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I have been waiting for this movie to hit the big screen.

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It's a prequel so its basically irrelevant. I'll watch it eventually, hope its good.

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It's still pretty interesting. I will watch it for sure, I just wish that they released it between IW and end game. Now it's kinda like you already know what happened to her. Looks like they have to push Captain Marvel so can't afford to have Black Widown between the two movies.

I ve had enough of fulfilment from superhero films since 2008, but i take anything with scarlette johanssen, she s goddess