85 Favorite Best Movies Scenes List


28 Bold Talk For A One Eyed Fatman

Could not pick which scene liked best of the same thing and yet the scene in the original and remake was different so here is a first double scene for 2 films but yet the same story.

22 Yellowstone Volcano---2012

I know its 2 clips but I cannot find the whole scene on youtube. But This was an amazingly scary scene. I Just cant watch this movie very often but this and the Limo Scene and Plane Take Off from LA stands out as amazing scenes.

19 Iron Man vs Tank---Iron Man

I really did love this movie and I wish John Favrou would do more live action films over the Jungle Book remake type films. Mandalorian series is an example and Iron Man of his talents in a live action film setting. I know many hated Iron Man 2 but neither film was what i call as terrible as any Transformer film.

17 Freedom -----Braveheart

I cannot watch this movie or least this part of the movie because its so sad and all but what a great ending scene for a character.

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12 Turtles vs Shreader----Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The older I get the more I appreciate them going through the trouble to actually make those practical turtle suits. Made the movie so much better and it has endured because of it.
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