XFL Redux


I just watched the high lights on youtube like the NFL games this season. I can only watch the thursday night games when NFL is on regular season because of amazon prime. I dont have basic or any type cable tv anymore.

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I tried to watch, but the footage quality killed me. It looked like a Thursday night MAC game from the 2000's. What I saw didn't really get me excited and then I realized what the lack of equity does. The NFL and its history, your team's history, the player's history. That is a big deal and it had never crystallized like that before.

Production quality solid, rule tweaks are interesting and so far sensible (kickoffs in particular seem much better), and some pretty decent skills on display on the throwing and defending, which is what I was worried about. Lack of raw talent in lower football leagues can often lead games to just feel like rugby scrums with tons of crappy two-and-three-yard runs, but there were some really nice rainbow passes and some great catches. It definitely felt close to "real" football, which is probably the only threshold they need to hit at first. They seem to have learned from the last incarnation, to say the least.

the footage quality killed me
Can you elaborate on this? I thought the production qualify was barely sub-NFL in most regards.

I agree that it's tough to get started because you don't know much about anyone (with a few high-profile exceptions), though I can see them trying to establish personalities and storylines with what's there. Might take a bit, but that's going to be the difference between "continues to exist" and "thrives," for sure. This has been the big shift in sports, I think, in that people care as much about the people as they do about the game. This is really true in the NBA, for example. It's less true in the NFL, because football itself is a bigger relative draw, I think. Which I guess is what the XFL is betting on, at least at first.

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Can you elaborate on this? I thought the production qualify was barely sub-NFL in most regards.

It just seemed really washed out, especially compared to what the NFL games look like. NFL games are over-saturated. Lots of contrast between the bright green, whites, colors. The XFL picture seemed to be lacking visually.

In all fairness, the Super Bowl was the only entire game I watched this year. I just can't sit around for 3 hours anymore, without it being a social event.

I'm rooting for it. I think a minor-league of sort would help the NFL. Then again, I don't see how they can build momentum, when the NFL will end up poaching the cream.

If NFL games are over saturated, doesn't that mean being relatively "washed out" is better? I know the thing you mean, the bright green thing. I kinda hate it. I feel like FOX always had absurd contrast that looked low-quality and fake and NBC/ABC games always had the true-to-life stuff, which might not be as bright but also seemed sharper. The XFL feels closer to that, but I see that as a total positive.

But yeah, rooting for it here, too. Why not have more football options? And the NFL totally swiped a few of their ideas last time, and they obviously have a lot of decent ones. Great place for experimentation that I fully expect to "trickle up" to the NFL again.

Well Im sure there will be more teams next year if first year does well.Miami and Boston and St Louis and Chicago I hear are next years expect addition teams if expand to 12 teams